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Introducing The Impressive MD87 VVIP

MD87 GAC Global Air Charters

ST. PAUL, Minn. —Global Air Charters, a full-service FAA Part 135-certified aviation charter and management company, is proud to introduce a one of a kind airframe to its growing fleet of charter aircraft. This impressive MD87 VVIP is in a class of its own and offers an unmatched travel experience.

Boasting a coast-to-coast range, this aircraft has a roomy, tasteful interior—accommodating 30 passengers. The aircraft features a conference room, a stateroom, a full-service galley for serving hot meals and three well-appointed lavatories. Inflight amenities include satellite telephone, internet access as well as an on-board entertainment system. Additionally, the MD87 VVIP features private conference room, seating, and sleeping sections to allow guests a truly customized flight experience.

“Once the VVIP MD87 is operational we will have a platform unlike any other domestically in the Part 135 industry. This program is the result of hard work and dedication on the part of our management team and will help to position Global Air Charters for further successes.” – Michael A. Vanacore-Netz, MBA, MSM, AvMP, Assistant Director of Operations

MD87-Conference Room GAC  MD87 GAC Seating

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