When Is a Light Jet the Right Option for Your Next Flight?

Our Light Jets Offer Comfort, Privacy, and Convenience

Cessna Citation Mustang Light Jets jet
The Cessna Citation Mustang has a sleek and cozy interior.

Light Jets are a great way to experience private travel, offering the comfort and convenience of flying private while at a lower price point than a medium or heavy jet.

Our fleet consists of two Nextant 400XTi jets and one Cessna Citation Mustang. Our light jets fly up to three hours per leg, with room for four to seven passengers in the cabin. Although smaller jets do not include service from a cabin attendant, our pilots and staff are committed to delivering the communication and personal service for which GAC is known.

The benefits of flying in a light jet are boundless. Let’s explore when light jets are the right option for your next flight.

Expanded Destination Options

The biggest advantage of a light jet is the accessibility to thousands of small airports with shorter runways. Sometimes even medium jets do not have clearance to land at these airports. Consider a light jet if you are flying to a more remote location not served by the larger airports. Flying light means you land significantly closer to your final destination, giving you more time for business, adventure, or relaxation.

Shorter Legs

Our light jets are generally capable of flying three hours per leg, making them ideal for family getaways, weekend trips, and business trips. Passengers travel to many destinations such as New York City to Miami and Salt Lake City to Houston. International flights from the Southern half of the United States to the Caribbean or parts of Mexico are also great options. Contact our sales department for airport combinations that are available nonstop on our fleet.

Cost-Effective and Convenient

Light jets are the most cost-effective way to travel privately, with pricing for larger groups often comparing favorably with First-Class seating on the airlines. Our two Nextant aircraft accommodate up to seven passengers, and your reservation secures the entire plane vs. renting a seat. If you are planning a vacation with a group of friends or extended family – or traveling with multiple business colleagues – light jets offer VIP customer care at a reasonable price. In addition, you will experience time savings well beyond what’s possible flying first class. Forego the stress of crowded terminals and long airport lines and drive straight to your aircraft. Enjoy relaxed convenience as our crews secure your belongings.

Pet Friendly

An additional benefit of flying our light jets is the pet-friendly flexibility within the cabin. GAC is committed to making sure your furry loved ones are as relaxed as you are in the air. Keep your dogs or cats on your lap or by your feet — and never again worry about them in the baggage hold when traveling.


Nextant 400 XTi258 Light Jets
Passenger Seating on the Nextant XTi

Light Jets: Flexibility and Confidence

Our light jets offer the ability to travel with confidence. If you need to make multiple business stops in a single day, rest easy that you will not be left behind if running late – and the plane can be ready for early departure if your meeting wraps up ahead of schedule. Our empowered flight crew will provide an unparalleled level of safety, communication and service, ensuring you feel valued and informed.

The boundless benefits of flying a light jet make it an exceptional choice to meet many of your travel needs. You gain the discretion and privacy of flying private at a cost-effective price that’s within reach for smaller companies, newer executives, and business partners. Additionally, you’ll avoid security checkpoints and long waits in a terminal. This allows you to maximize time at your destination and avoid delays in your workday. No matter the reason for your travel, consider a light jet for flexibility and confidence.

Nextant 400XTi
Nextant XTi Light Jet offers a convenient way to fly private

Nextant 400XTi Light Jet Amenities

The Nextant 400XTi gets you to your destination with all the first-rate amenities you require. Our two Nextant light jets accommodate up to seven passengers and travel up to 2,003 nautical miles. With a top speed of 406 knots, the Nextant XTi grants you the ability to get to your destination in less time than other aircraft in its class.

This aircraft features a galley, noise cancelation insulation that reduces exterior noise, fold-away tabletops, and Wi-Fi within the continental United States. Furthermore, the interior is designed with comfort in mind. Two sets of side-by-side captain-style seats that face each other make it a perfect place for a small meeting. Additionally, the three large windows on either side of the aircraft let in ample light, helping to reduce jetlag.

Click here to learn more about our Nextant 400XTi jets.

Nextant 400 XTi258 Light Jets
View from the Cockpit of the Interior of a Nextant XTi

The GAC Private Charter Advantage

Global Air Charters is a world-class, quality-driven company that puts customer care and well-being first. When you board our planes, expect comfort, service, and safety – delivered in equal parts by our hand-picked flight teams. Rest at ease knowing you have direct access to our highly trained, empowered crew members and management, who pride themselves on anticipating and fulfilling your needs — whether personal or travel-related.

About Global Air Charters

Global Air Charters is a full-service aviation charter and management company. In addition to private jet charter, we offer aircraft sales, management, and acquisitions. Exceeding the expectations of every client is our goal in all aspects of operation.

If you would like to request a quote or learn more about Global Air Charters and the precautionary steps we are taking during the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit our website at www.gac.aero, or call 844-212-5325.

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The Nextant Jet Provides Superior Comfort and Performance

The New Nextant in Global Air Charters’ Fleet Will Get You There Faster


Global Air Charters is proud to announce the addition of a second Nextant. The Nextant N258EB efficiently gets you safely to your destination while offering an elegant interior and first-rate amenities. Travel in comfort on Global Air Charters’ newest fleet addition.

The Nextant Has Superior Performance Design

Nextant Lopa
Nextant N258EB Cabin Layout

The new Nextant N258EB is certified to fly within the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean Islands. The rugged design provides exceptional performance. The light, mid-range private jet holds 7 passengers for journeys as far as 2,003 Nautical Miles. The Nextant is fast. Its top speed is 406 knots, ensuring you will arrive faster than with other aircraft in its class. The like-new, low-time 2015 Nextant is an excellent choice for your next quick getaway.

Nextant 400 XTi258
Nextant N258EB View From Mid-Cabin, Forward

Refined Interior

The Nextant’s roomy cabin is 15’6″ long, 4’9″ high, and 4’11” wide. Its size provides a spacious feel for your journey, with an extra 2.5 inches of headroom and 3 inches in width. Its luxurious sandstone leather seats offer a comfortable ride. Additionally, the aircraft has tan carpets and satin-finished walnut woodwork with satin nickel hardware for an aesthetically pleasing look. Fold-away tables are accessible to the rear seats and provide a great workspace. The onboard lavatory is a bonus and has 4 additional inches for added comfort.

Exceptional Amenities on the Nextant

The Nextant’s onboard galley provides a variety of refreshments to keep passengers hydrated. Significant noise reduction through acoustic insulation is standard on this jet so that passengers can make the most of their time relaxing or completing work. Complimentary WiFi is available on all domestic US flights. Ample natural lighting is provided via the three large windows on either side of the plane. Additional lighting is accessible by the LED lights. Furthermore, the Nextant has two baggage compartments. The interior compartment holds 57 cubic meters, and the exterior compartment holds 75 cubic meters of baggage. You won’t need to deal with logistical plans for necessary items getting to your destination through other means. The like-new, beautiful Nextant is a distinguished choice for all of your short to mid-range travel needs.

Safety as the Top Priority

Nextant N258EB View from Back of Cabin

Global Air Charters is serious about the safety and well-being of both crew and passengers. Every pilot on the team is always well-rested before every flight and has extensive flight experience. Furthermore, they attend continuing education classes to exceed industry requirements. The cabin attendants uphold the highest safety standards, with ample hand sanitizer, masks, and frequent hand washing. Additionally, they attend regular seminars to ensure all safety protocols are followed. The Nextant has a remarkable safety rating. Passengers can confidently enjoy their journey as every measure for safety is being taken on each flight with Global Air Charters.

The Global Air Charters Clean Promise

As the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light the importance of pathogen-free spaces, Global Air Charters has taken measures to ensure all surfaces are disinfected before every flight. All cleaners follow CDC and EPA recommendations for effectiveness and environmental impact. Before each flight, every countertop, table, video screen, ledge, railing, doorknob, button, cup holder, and vent is thoroughly cleaned. Additionally, the entire lavatory is disinfected. All crew members wear washable masks.

Nextant N258EB
Nextant N258EB Cockpit

Flight crews have also completed supplemental training that exceeds our standard sanitation practice. Furthermore, safe food handling, safe garbage removal, and frequent handwashing have been implemented. Crews use rapid COVID-19 tests before every trip to ensure further safety. Additionally, Global Air Charters’ policy advises any team members who may be ill to remain at home.

The Nextant replenishes cabin air every 4-6 minutes, so passengers continually have fresh, ambient air. Therefore, no air is recirculated, allowing you to breathe easier.

Let Us Customize Your Experience

Going to the Caribbean for a girl’s weekend trip or to Pebble Beach for a golf outing with the guys? Let Global Air Charters customize your experience. When booking your travel, let the team know your journey’s purpose, and the crew will create a unique flight. From birthday celebrations to Superbowl parties, our flight crew is ready to add something special to your trip. Our customized experiences can include catering and decorations to fit your theme. Leave it to GAC to create a memorable experience.

Pet-Friendly Travel

Global Air Charter’s commitment to providing an excellent flight extends to your furry friends. All aircraft are pet-friendly and provide an enjoyable experience for both you and your pet. Imagine never having to kennel your dog and claim them after the flight again, or worse, leaving your pet behind.  The team has found that dogs do very well on our aircraft and enjoy hosting them with the same level of service expected for all passengers. All cabins are thoroughly cleaned after traveling with animals to ensure comfort for travelers with allergy concerns.

About Global Air Charters

Global Air Charters is a full-service aviation charter company. Our mission is to create exceptional value for our clients through elite travel services provided by professional and disciplined staff through a transparent operation. Additionally, we strive to maintain the highest level of safety, service, and efficiency. The team at Global Air Charters takes pride in providing our passengers with the perfect flight every time.

If you would like to request a quote or learn more about Global Air Charters and the precautionary steps we are taking during the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit our website gac.aero, or call 844-212-5325.

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Nextant 400XT

The Mustang Provides Comfort and Style in a Class of Its Own

Experience High-Class in the MustangCessna Citation Mustang Charter

The Cessna® Citation® Mustang®is an excellent way for passengers to dip their toes into the world of charter flights. The four-passenger light jet has thousands of destinations in North America. Fly in comfort and style with Global Air Charters on the Mustang.

Save Valuable Time & Money

Whether you are new to flying with a private charter or a seasoned pro in need of a shorter flight, the Mustang is an excellent choice. As one of the smaller options on Global Air Charter’s fleet, the Mustang provides the luxurious journey you’d expect on any private flight.  Additionally, it capitalizes on efficiency, which results in saving you money.

Cessna Citation Mustang Cabin Layout
Cessna Citation Mustang Cabin Layout

The advanced avionic technology implemented into the design aids in the aircraft’s ability to safely get you to your destination while saving time. Its aerodynamic design gives this jet the ability to fly high above questionable weather. Furthermore, the Mustang has a range of 1,000 Nautical Miles, which equates to a significant number of non-stop destinations within North America.

Spacious Comfort at the Forefront on the Mustang

Cessna Mustang - Charter Flights Minneapolis

While the Mustang is small, it still maintains a spacious feel. The cozy but roomy cabin offers the utmost comfort and elegance. The stowable tables are available if you need them for refreshments or to use as a workspace. Additionally, experience the superior view and phenomenal natural light through the three large oval windows on either side of the passenger space. The cabin itself is 9’9″ long, with a height of 54 inches and a width of 55 inches.

Comfort is a top priority, which is evident with the multi-zone climate control. Each leather seat is specifically designed to allow you to relax as the crew takes care of your every need. The Mustang’s advanced soundproofing minimizes exterior noise, so passengers can focus on relaxing during their time in the cabin. Plug-in your phone, laptop, or anything else you might need to power with an accessible 12-Volt DC outlet. Reading lights are also available for each seat. Furthermore, the cabin’s design serves as an excellent place to conduct a small meeting or catch up on some reading. Available in-flight refreshments keep passengers hydrated, no matter the distance.

Finally, the Mustang has a sizeable baggage capacity of 63 cubic feet and a weight limit of 718 lbs. Several golf bags can easily fit, along with other effects you may need at your destination. There is also a space for carry-on luggage within the cabin.

Mustang Interior Cockpit

Top-Notch Customer Service

Global Air Charter’s top priority is providing an exceptional experience for travelers, from booking the flight to landing at their chosen destination. The GAC booking and office team strives to ensure the best fit for your travel needs on every flight. You won’t need to plan contingencies if there are furloughs, long security lines, or other challenges typical airlines entail. From departure to arrival at your chosen destination, the team actively works to make time on the ground as enjoyable as time in the air.

The pilots are well-trained, well-rested, and ready to meet your needs with vast experience and continued education to surpass current standards. The cabin attendants complete regular training to ensure best practices are observed for safety and always anticipate your needs. You are the top priority at Global Air Charters.

The Private Flight Difference

Flights on a private aircraft have some district differences from First Class seats on a commercial jet. Commercial jets can only use large airports, whereas private jets have access to a multitude of smaller airports. This benefit gets you closer to your chosen destination. Flying with a charter company allows for greater amenities, such as a personally curated itinerary and the flexibility to help you make the most of your journey.

Increased luggage capacity is also a benefit to private travel, and passengers will never be charged for an extra bag.  The safety standards implemented on each private flight are unmatched by commercial airlines, and travelers are able to reduce possible exposure to illness with fewer people on the flight.

Streamline Private Jet Travel with the GAC LUX CardLux Card - Premium Jet Card for Private Charter Flights

Global Air Charters has created a program specifically for travelers who desire accessibility similar to owning an aircraft, with lower expenses and none of the typical challenges that may arise. Get exclusive, unmatched flexibility, convenience, and simplicity for all of your private jet needs. The Global Air Charters client management service team is accessible 24/7, 356 days a year to members. This dedicated service results in a personalized experience as the staff comes to know your preferences. Furthermore, priority access to the Global Air Charters fleet goes to LUX Card members. This benefit secures long-term savings, and curated programs typically only accessible to aircraft owners. Load the LUX Card and let our team do the rest. The GAC LUX Card ensures you receive the best pricing every time, whether traveling to domestic or international locations. Finally, you’ll never be charged hidden fees or see fluctuating rates.

“The Lux Card offers confidence that you will always get the best charter rates, flexibility, and convenience. Global Air Charters takes the hassle out of flying and offers unmatched service in the industry. It is our goal to be the private aviation provider of choice.” – Pat Diaz, GAC Director of Sales

About Global Air Charters

Global Air Charters is a full-service aviation charter company. Our mission is to create exceptional value for our clients through elite travel services provided by professional and disciplined staff through a transparent operation. Additionally, we strive to maintain the highest level of safety, service, and efficiency. The team at Global Air Charters takes pride in providing our passengers with the perfect flight every time. If you would like to request a quote or learn more about Global Air Charters and the precautionary steps we are taking during the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit our website gac.aero, or call 844-212-5325.

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Experience Luxury in a Gulfstream GV

Global Air Charters Has Expanded by 2 Gulfstream GVsGlobal Air Charters GV

Global Air Charters is excited to announce the newest additions to its fleet. The two Gulfstream GVs are top of the line intercontinental-range, heavy business jet. These two new aircraft offer the remarkable design and luxurious amenities of private jets in their class. Additionally, GV jets are certified for worldwide operation and can take you wherever you need to go.

GAC GV interior
Gulfstream GV Cabin

The GV’s Unmatched Prestige

Impress your colleagues and clients with the unmatched prestige of a private flight in our Gulfstream GV jets. Not only does the cabin offer roomy seating, but it also hosts three passenger zones. The separated zones are optimal for simultaneous meetings and privacy. Comfortable seating, table space, and a quiet environment offer an excellent space to get work done. The ability to work in an optimal setting maximizes your time. Furthermore, Global Air Charters offers WiFi, so you never have to miss an important call, email, or meeting. Another notable amenity available is the 10″ and 20″ monitors. These monitors are usable for meetings or to watch video entertainment. The full-service galley and custom catering provided ensures passengers won’t go hungry.

Pillows and blankets are available by request on each GV. These items provide passengers with the utmost comfort possible. The aircraft’s comfortable leather seating perpetuates the high-class feel of the cabin. The flight crew greets all passengers warmly and ensures every need is met with a smile. The staff is committed to making your flight as enjoyable as possible. Relax as the crew transports you to your chosen destination in style and safety.

Superior Performance Available on the GV

Global Air Charters’ GV jets can fly up to 14 hours with a range of 6,500 Nautical Miles or 7,450 Statue Miles. This extended distance provides a substantially larger list of destinations attainable with non-stop flights—for example, a flight from NYC to Tokyo, Japan.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, the new Gulfstreams will meet your needs. Both GV jets have the ability to transport 2500 lbs. of baggage, in addition to 16 passengers. The spacious cabin extends 44 feet, with the ceiling at 6’2″ in the walkway. Additionally, the walkway is no squeeze, as the cabin’s width is 7′ 3″. The advanced engines and flight technology provide efficient and powerful travel, with superior safety.

Safety at the Forefront

Global Air Charters’ cabin attendants are safety experts through continual training. They serve to ensure the highest standards are kept on every jet, and the GVs are no exception. The dedicated maintenance team regularly verifies all parts of every aircraft are in excellent condition and stays up to date with any changes to each model in the fleet. Moreover, every pilot on the Global Air Charters’ crew has extensive flight experience and is up to date with all safety standards.

“As with the ability to secure aircraft that can get you to where you need non-stop, it’s essential the flight crews are Pilot In Command Qualified, deeply experienced in over ocean air travel and the operations team familiar in the nuances of international airports, permitting and fees. Meet one of the team, Michael Vanacore-Netz, Global Air Charters’ Chief Pilot. Michael’s credentials include more than 3,500 hours of flight time with over 2000 hours in Gulfstreams covering more than 40 countries.

Make the Most of Your Flight on a GV

Customer service is Global Air Charters’ top priority. Every flight crew takes extra steps to ensure your comfort. The cabin is an optimal space for conducting business and can also be utilized for small events.  One customer requested a birthday party on the flight, which the team was excited to host. A cake, balloons, and streamers helped transform the atmosphere as the crew helped make the passenger’s vision a reality.

Expands Despite Uncertain Times

Despite the uncertainty and challenges presented by the COVID-19 global pandemic, Global Air Charters has expanded its staff and fleet. Since January 1, 2020, 16 pilots, four cabin attendants, two maintenance crew members, and one office employee have been added. 2021 is no different, and five more pilots will be added to the crew within the next two months. Additional staff members translate to increased availability for your travel needs. Furthermore, it guarantees the company’s ability to put the employee’s health in line with the passenger’s health.

Sanitation is Always Top of Mind

The demand for exemplary safety has increased tenfold within the last year. Many are now looking for private jet services to travel to reduce exposure risks. Safety is a top priority for the crew and passengers on all flights at Global Air Charters.

Every table, ledge, countertop, railing, video screen, cup holder, doorknob, vent, passenger button, and lavatory on the Gulfstream GV jets are thoroughly cleaned after each flight.  The disinfectants used follow CDC and EPA guidelines and are standard on every jet. Hand sanitizer is available to crew and passengers at all times, in addition to soap and water for handwashing. The GV’s cabins are refreshed with ambient air every 4-6 minutes. Furthermore, the jets never have recirculated air introduced into the cabin.

All of the staff wear masks and complete a rapid COVID-19 test before every flight. Additionally, the crew practices safe food handling, garbage disposal and properly wash their hands often. Additionally, Global Air Charters has a policy of encouraging employees to stay home if they feel sick, further lessening the likelihood of spreading illness.


Expanding Your Journey Choices with a GV

One of the largest advantages of adding two Gulfstream GV jets to Global Air Charters’ fleet is expanding its available private jet destinations. Full- size aircraft have limited destinations, while private jets have a significantly greater list of airports they can travel to and from. Therefore, passengers may have the opportunity to get closer to their final destination when flying with a private aircraft company. Moreover, travel with a private charter provides a personal itinerary planned by an experienced team, whose goal is saving time and expenses for each passenger.

On-The-Ground Transportation & Conveniences

A smooth transition from takeoff to landing is just a piece of the international travel experience. Experienced international private jet crews can ensure an efficient and safe journey. The team at Global Air Charters doesn’t solely reserve this level of service to the time passengers are in the air but seamlessly includes the experience of time on the ground. The crew is highly vetted before joining the team and continually upholds superior customer service, which is classically expected from Global Air Charters.

About Global Air Charters

Global Air Charters is a full-service aviation charter and management company. Its mission is to create superior value for our clients through elite travel services provided by disciplined and professional staff via a transparent operation while maintaining the highest level of service, efficiency, and safety. The team at Global Air Charters takes pride in providing our passengers with the perfect flight every time. If you would like to request a quote or learn more about Global Air Charters and the precautionary steps we are taking during the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit our website gac.aero, or call 844-212-5325.

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Global Air Charters is Expanding their Wings with a Nextant 400XTi


Global Air Charters Adds a Light Jet-Mid Range to the Fleet

NEXTANT 400 xTi Interior Private Jet Minneapolis

Global Air Charters is proud to announce the newest addition to its growing fleet. The Nextant 400XTi is the second light jet in the GAC fleet.  Even in the COVID-19 environment, we continue to be a strong, stable company. We are growing despite the current circumstances and continue to add pilots and cabin crew to our staff. The Nextant joins our existing fleet of Gulfstreams, a Citation Mustang, and additional aircraft available for charter. “The management team here all believe that this aircraft will complement our long-range aircraft quite well. Additionally, it will give us added exposure to a market that we currently do not serve with our current long-range fleet. I’m really happy at the direction we’re taking with this new aircraft,” Michael Vanacore-Netz, GAC Chief Pilot.

The Nextant 400XTi offers Exceptional Range and Speed

The Nextant 400XTi is a 7-passenger light to mid-range business jet with an average flight being just over 3 hours.  As one of the fastest aircraft in its category, the Nextant 400XTi gets you to your destination faster than anything else in its cabin size. This jet features a light cabin with an exceptional range capable of connecting city pairs such as New York to Miami, Chicago to Nashville, Denver to San Francisco, or Boston to West Palm Beach. Fully equipped to support high-value users, its data and communications systems ensure maximum productivity at all times.

Nextant 400 xTi interiorThe Private Jet Advantage

Flying private helps you avoid large crowds and long lines. Flying with GAC, grants you access to embark and disembark the airplane at a private facility reducing your exposure to potentially ill individuals. Global Air Charters, an essential business, has always placed safety at the forefront of every flight. During this time of heightened awareness, we are being extra vigilant. In addition to maintaining sanitized aircraft, safe food handling, applying hand sanitizer, and consistent use of hand washing, GAC has purchased washable protective masks for its entire crew from Heimie’s Haberdashery. In a challenging environment, our valued employees have pulled together to keep operations going with no layoffs to date. We pride ourselves on providing you, our passengers, with the perfect flight every time you board one of our aircraft.

If you would like to request a quote or learn more about Global Air Charters and the precautionary steps we are taking during the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit our website gac.aero, or call 844-212-5325.




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NEXTANT 400 XTi Interior Private Jet Minneapolis

Global Air Charters, Inc. continues expansion of Gulfstream fleet with another GIV-SP, N129NS

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Global Air Charters, a full-service Part 135-certified aviation charter and management company, has added another Gulfstream business jet to its fleet of aircraft. With a range of 3,900 miles, the Gulfstream is available for domestic and international service.

The N129NS Gulfstream has a roomy, tasteful interior—accommodating up to 13 passengers. The aircraft features two sleeping berths in the aft cabin, a full-service galley for serving hot meals and two well-appointed lavatories. Inflight amenities include satellite telephone, internet access as well as an on-board entertainment system.

“Customers will benefit from the Gulfstream’s extensive range and spacious cabin,” says Richard C. Page, executive vice president of Global Air Charters. “We are excited about this addition to our fleet. Our continued growth is a result of the dedication of our experienced team of aviation professionals in management, flight operations, safety, service and maintenance.”

To learn more about Global Air Charters, visit www.globalaircharters.com or call +1 203.375.3500.

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Global Air Charters, Inc. Grows Globally – Adds 3rd Aircraft to the Gulfstream Fleet

GAC Grows Globally Adding a GIV, N44CE to the Current Gulfstream Fleet

Global Air Charters, St. Paul, MN, has added a third Gulfstream to it’s growing fleet. This will be the third Gulfstream available from Global Air Charters, in addition to their 16 seat GIV-SP, N171JC. This newest G-IV, N44CE, boasts 12 seats, offers coast to coast range, accompanied by a spacious cabin and state of the art flight deck. Of course, customer care, safety, and comfort are always at the forefront. Global Air Charters strives to ensure you feel at home wherever you travel. Additionally, all our premium business jets come with complimentary domestic WiFi and a flight attendant on every flight.

Furthermore, Global Air Charters has seen a growing interest in intercontinental trips, which inspired the need to add the third G-IV. “As we continue to expand our business, we will look to bring on other heavy jets that are frequently requested” stated Paul Rodsjo, Director of Operations for Global Air Charters. Accordingly, Global Air Charter’s continued growth is a result of a dedicated team of aviation professionals. The focus on all aspects of the company to foster new opportunities for our customers. Global Air Charters is a Wyvern Wingman operator, a collection of aviation best practices and the highest audit standard in the aviation industry.

In fact, the team’s dedication and hard work has positioned them as a top choice for private air travel.

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Gulfstream Fleet

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