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GAC’s COVID-19 Precautions: Your Health & Safety is our Highest Priority

At Global Air Charters, our No. 1 priority is safety for our passengers and employees. Although it has always been standard practice to thoroughly clean the cabin, galley, and lavatory after every GAC flight, during this time of heightened awareness, we are being extra vigilant, retraining staff, and standardizing our cleaning products to ensure they are consistent with CDC recommendations. With all of the concerns related to the COVID-19 (coronavirus), we would like to share with you the steps we are taking to ensure you have a healthy and comfortable flying experience.

Our Aircraft

We thoroughly disinfect all surfaces after each flight using EPA-recommended disinfectant products, per CDC guidance. Our disinfection process includes all tables, countertops, ledges, video screens, cup holders, railings, doorknobs, drawer latches, passenger buttons, vents, and the lavatory. All pillows and blankets have been removed from the cabin and will be available only upon request. We launder all pillowcases and blankets after each use to ensure the highest cleanliness for your flight. We provide hand sanitizer on our airplanes for crew and passenger use, in addition to soap and water for handwashing.

Our Gulfstream compartment air is replenished with ambient air every 4-6 minutes, per Gulfstream. There is no recirculating air.

Our Crews

We are conducting reminder training with crews on safe food handling, safe garbage removal, and the importance of frequent hand washing. We take great concern for the health of our crew and passengers. Our crew members are advised to remain home if sick or if any symptoms arise.

The Private Jet Advantage

Flying private enables you to avoid large crowds and long lines. When you fly with GAC, you embark and disembark the airplane at a small private facility known as a Fixed Based Operator (FBO), reducing your exposure to potentially ill individuals.

Thank you for your trust in Global Air Charters. Your health and well-being is our highest priority. Please contact us for any charter requests or questions you might have. We are here to assist you.

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Nextant 400XTi is the Newest Addition to the GAC Fleet

Coming Soon… Global Air Charters Adds a Nextant 400XTi to the Fleet

Global Air Charters, Inc. is adding another aircraft to its growing fleet. GAC announces the acquisition of a Nextant 400XTi that will add to the capabilities of its current fleet. Chief Pilot Michael Vanacore-Netz had this to say about the recent acquisition. “This is the second light jet in the GAC fleet. The management team here all believe that this aircraft will complement our long-range aircraft quite well. Additionally, it will give us added exposure to a market that we currently do not serve with our current long-range fleet. I’m really happy at the direction we’re taking with this new aircraft.”

Expanding Our Wings with a Light Jet

The Nextant 400XTi is a 7-passenger light business jet with a typical range of 1800 nautical miles. With an average flight being just over 3 hours between 43 and 45 thousand feet at a speed of Mach .75 the aircraft is capable of connecting city pairs such as New York to Miami, Chicago to Nashville, Denver to San Francisco, or Boston to West Palm Beach. Pat Diaz the Director of Sales indicated his eagerness to get the aircraft into service. “I really like what this aircraft can do for the growth of the company. Every day we’re seeing more and more light jet requests and I’m very confident that this aircraft will fit in nicely with our current clients and current demand.” In conclusion, Global Air Charters is hopeful to begin service with its newest aircraft in Q1 of 2020.

Additionally, if you are interested in being a part of the Nextant flight crew please visit our careers page and apply online!



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Nextant 400XTi

Private Jet Charter is Now Hassle-Free with The LUX Card

The Easiest Way to Book Private Jet Charter

The GAC LUX Card is a program tailored to customers who want access similar to aircraft ownership, but with lower costs and none of the complexities of private jet charter. The LUX Card allows our staff to get to know your personal preferences and further enhance your experience. Our members will have priority access to our fleet, create long-term savings, and take advantage of a bespoke level of service and curated programs traditionally reserved for aircraft owners.

One of the most common questions asked when looking to charter an aircraft is “What is the best way to fly private?” The quick answer is, with a charter company that you can trust. It is essential to do your homework before booking your private jet charter flight to get the most for your money, the safest flight, and the best service. Global Air Charters is here to help you navigate the charter world. With a trusted charter company on your side, we will ensure that the proper maintenance is complete on the planes, safety standards are exceeded, secure the best pricing, and ensure your specific needs are met on every flight, no matter how large or small the request.


The LUX Card is a NO-Hassle Way to Travel

The GAC Lux Card is the most cost-effective way to fly private. Not only do you get the best price, but you also get top-notch personalized service and the convenience of one transaction for the duration of your card. Our crew boasts a wide variety of charter experience, both domestically and internationally, that will ensure you get to where you need to go seamlessly. Additionally, we are here to help when you need us- 24/7, 365 days a year. Our client management service team is available to assist with your flight requests.

Global Air Charters offers unparalleled convenience, flexibility, and simplicity for your private jet needs with the ease of the GAC Lux Card. A one-time payment makes booking charter travel easy and convenient, saving you valuable time while making sure you always have the best pricing. Just load your card and let us do the rest. Additionally, the Lux Card provides a wide array of advantages- no matter if the trip is for international business or to your second home for the holidays. “The Lux Card offers confidence that you will always get the best charter rates, flexibility, and convenience” stated Pat Diaz, Director of Sales. “Global Air Charters takes the hassle out of flying and offers unmatched service in the industry. It is our goal to be the private aviation provider of choice.”


The GAC Guarantee 

Lux Card - Premium Jet Card for Private Charter Flights

GAC’s Lux Card guarantees a fixed hourly rate, no hidden charges, and no monthly membership fees. We value transparency and honesty, which is why we never surprise you with fuel, ramp, and crew fees. The price we give you is the price you pay. Members get access to one of the largest executive fleets in the charter industry, 365 days a year. We understand that every flight is different. This is why we offer access to four jet classes to meet your needs. Flying with GAC provides you confidence that we will never cancel your trip. Additionally, we provide consistent charter rates, so you don’t have to shop around for the best price.


The New Safety Standard- The LevelFlight Standard

Global Air Charters is proud to provide the highest safety standards in the industry. We are Wyvern Wingman approved in addition to a new standard in safety- the LevelFlight Standard. We are a proud partner with Airline Cert to introduce the LevelFlight Standard to the business aviation community. LevelFlight goes above and beyond the current FAA Part 91 and Part 135 regulations to exceed safety standards.

LevelFlight is a real-time tool that assists in managing the ever-changing compliance and safety protocols in today’s aviation environment. The LevelFlight Standard is the ONLY flight safety standard with the ability to create a safe, efficient, and effective aviation department. Furthermore, LevelFlight exceeds the recommendations set out by the FAA, EASA, Transport Canada, and ICAO member states as well.


Changing the World of Private Jet Charter Hospitality, One Flight at a Time

Personalized service and attention to detail are the qualities that set on-demand charter operators and jet card providers apart. The distinction starts with the flight crew. Our pilots are well-rested, extensively trained, fully prepared, and 100% attentive to your needs. Global Air Charters consistently seeks out ways to ensure that your trip exceeds standard expectations. All of our flight and cabin crews pride themselves on catering to each guest’s personal preferences. The GAC team goes the extra mile to make you feel like family. We bring the comforts of home to you. From our cozy Love Your Melon pillows and blankets, to always having your favorite wine or treats on board. We get to know your family, preferences, and the services that will give you the best flight experience. You are our highest priority.


To read our Press Release please click here

To learn more about Global Air Charters or request a quote for your next trip please visit gac.aero



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Jet Seat

The LevelFlight Standard

GAC and Airline Cert Bring You a New Safety Standard

Global Air Charters, Inc. today completed its initial assessment and compliance checklists to join the LevelFlight Standard. The LevelFlight Standard is an entirely new way of looking at safety, compliance, and risk management. Specifically developed for the business aviation and charter community, LevelFlight creates a greater level of transparency and trust. The system uses a proactive approach to risk management. Moreover, this is accomplished by using real-time company data to ensure regulatory compliance and enhanced safety awareness.

A Word from the GAC Team

Chief Pilot Michael Vanacore-Netz gave us a quick breakdown and his thoughts on the accomplishment. “The folks at Airline Cert had an excellent idea and vision when they announced the LevelFlight Standard. Taking a transparent and proactive approach to risk management, compliance, and safety is really great and there are a lot of companies that try to do this. However, where the LevelFlight Standard is different; is with its data collection tools. The ability for LevelFlight to collect pertinent and unique data specific to the aircraft operator and specific to each trip enhances the company’s situational awareness. Ensuring that they may make better and more informed decisions prior to aircraft dispatch.”

Director of Operations Paul Rodsjo spoke praises for the LevelFlight Standard when we spoke with him. “With this standard, GAC proves its commitment to its customers to safety, reliability, and efficiency. What sets this program apart from the other audit and safety management firms in the industry is that the program grows with the company. They don’t try to take a one size fits all approach. Second, what I like about the LevelFlight Standard is the data we collect we keep, and we can use this to create a safer and efficient company. This benefit is something we never had before with a third-party auditing and safety management company.”

As a result, Global Air Charters continues to be a leader in safety and risk management by becoming compliant with the LevelFlight Standard.


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For more information on Global Air Charters or to request a quote, please visit gac.aero

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LevelFlight Safety Standard

2019 Reflection from President, Todd Vollhaber

Global Air Charters Year End Letter

A Reflection on Global Air Charters’ 2019 Successes

Global Air Charters (GAC) is thankful for the abundance of opportunities this past year that wouldn’t be possible without our crew and customers. The holiday season is an excellent opportunity to reflect on the successes of the past year and look forward to new and exciting opportunities. As we head towards 2020, I want to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt greetings for the season and appreciation to everyone for the accomplishments and achievements this last year. Thank you for your wonderful contributions to the growth and success of GAC.

2019 was quite a year for all of us at GAC. We have been through many new developments and achieved a huge amount. In June, we announced a merger with Dynamic Jet Charter, who had been our partners since February 2017. This merger brought new breadth and depth of superior private travel services for our international flights. GAC took to the skies and flew two missions to Greenland in support of NASA’s final Operation IceBridge. Traveling to Greenland was a first for our crew and served as a great example of both the flexibility and operational capacity at Global Air Charters. In addition to expanding our charter offerings, we have grown our flight crew 60%, our sales workforce by 33%, and our overall flights by 22% this past year. We have much to look forward to in 2020, including growing our partnership with Airline Cert – together, in Q1, we will be announcing a new product to the business aviation community.

Of course, there is still a lot of work ahead. GAC still sees the potential for growth in the industry.  Global Air Charters is looking to add our first ultra-long-range business jet to the fleet in 2020.  GAC is also set to bring its maintenance in-house and looking to establish a maintenance base in the Northeast.

We appreciate each and every one of our customers and team members. GAC aims to put our customers at the center of everything we do. We sincerely thank all our customers, both long-term and new, for their continued support, trust, and loyalty as their air charter partner. While you are always in very capable hands with the Global Air Charters team, I am always available and would personally welcome any feedback, ideas, or concerns.

From all of us at GAC, best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season and a prosperous new year.

Todd Vollhaber

President, Global Air Charters



For more information on Global Air Charters or to request a quote, please visit gac.aero

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GAC Year End Letter

Paul Rodsjo, GAC Director of Operations

Paul Rodsjo
GAC Director of Operations.
More than 17,000 hours flying worldwide.
Lifelong aviation enthusiast.

Paul Rodsjo

TITLE: Director of Operations



– EASA (European) Airline Transport Pilot certificate

– More than 17000 hours flying worldwide

– Speaks mulitple languages

Paul Rodsjo, GAC

Get to know Paul Rodsjo, the Global Air Charters Director of Operations.

Paul is a lifelong aviation enthusiast. Although he doesn’t remember exactly how his love for aviation began, he knew at the age of 5 that he wanted to be a pilot. Paul turned his aviation passion into a career and is one of the most experienced members of our GAC team. Paul’s extensive experience includes USA FAA certification and a EASA (European) Airline Transport Pilot certificate.  Additionally, he has been through 8 different types of ratings and speaks a little bit of various of languages. His international experience has helped him accumlate more than 17,000 hours flying worldwide.

Paul’s favorite travel destination is Vienna, Austria. He enjoys the great people, architecture and delicious cuisine. Not only is Austria his favorite destination but he also experienced his favorite moment while flying here. “My all time favorite flight was departing Innsbruck, Austria early in the morning after a snowfall. Climbing through the alps as the sun was shining on the mountains and fresh snow was beautiful”, Paul shared.

The Gulfstream 5 is his favorite aircraft to pilot, with the Gulfstream 4 as a close second. However, he would love to fly a Boeing 747-400, but isn’t expecting to check that box any time soon. When he is not flying, he enjoys fly fishing and working on his ’61 Volvo.

When asked, “What makes Global Air Charters different from other air charter companies?” Paul responded, “We are small and nimble, with the customers interest being the number one priority. Additionally, our team, we have been fortunate enough to attract some amazingly talented and dedicated people”.

As Global Air Charters’ Director of Operations, Paul’s vision for GAC is to be a boutique operator that thrives on making the difficult look easy. He went on to state, “I also want us to be immediately available for owners of managed aircraft. They deserve to talk to a decision-maker immediately. Above all, I want us to be their friend that knows how to operate airplanes”.

To learn more about Global Air Charters or to book a flight, pleast visit gac.aero

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Paul Rodsjo, GAC

Todd Vollhaber, Global Air Charters President

Todd Vollhaber
GAC President.
Private, Multi-Engine, Instrument Pilot.
Aviation Enthusiast.

Todd Vollhaber

TITLE: President


– Private, Multi-Engine, Instrument pilot with a Citation Type Rating

– Light Sport Seaplane endorsement for the Icon A5

Todd Vollhaber

Get to know Todd Vollhaber, the Global Air Charters President.

Todd Vollhaber is an aviation enthusiast, he has a personal passion for flying. Todd is a Private, Multi-Engine, Instrument pilot with a Citation Type Rating. He also recently earned his Light Sport Seaplane endorsement for the Icon A5. The Citation Mustang is his favorite to fly, he’s also having fun with his new Icon A5.

General Aviation has been a passion of Todd’s since childhood when his father owned a Cessna 182. He earned his private pilot license in 1995 and has made flying his hobby ever since. He always loves landing in Aspen and hitting the slopes. When not flying, Todd Vollhaber is an avid golfer, skier, and fisherman. Todd and his wife Sheila have two grown children, Charlie and Katherine. They also have a playful Maltese named Danny who keeps things interesting.

When asked, “What makes Global Air Charters different from other air charter companies?” Todd responded, “GAC’s International Operations expertise is second to none and our reliability is our greatest strength.” 

As Global Air Charters’ President, Todd says GAC will continue to grow, while paying attention to detail, ensuring our customers have the best flight.

To learn more about Global Air Charters or to book a flight, pleast visit gac.aero

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Todd Vollhaber

Global Air Charters Announces Merger with Dynamic Jet Charter!

Global Air Charters Merges with Dynamic Jet Charter!

On June 1, 2019, Global Air Charters announced a merger with Dynamic Jet Charter, our partners since February 2017. Dynamic Jet Charter brings new breadth and depth of superior private travel services for those customers needing to fly worldwide. Now, this merger includes expanded service offerings and fleet options. We are excited to provide extended services to our customers.

“The merger of Global Air Charters and Dynamic Jet Charter brings together two companies with similar philosophies to offer a broader range of service for our customers,” added Paul Rodsjo, Director of Operations at Global Air Charters. “At GAC, we pride ourselves on best-in-class customer care, bringing convenience and peace of mind to the jet travel experience — a focus that complements Dynamic Jet’s VIP travel planning service. We look forward to sharing with you our expertise in large-cabin, international operations, opening your private jet world to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.”

Customer Impact

As our two firms combine, everything will stay the same with how we do business with our valued clientele. In addition to expanded flight options, you will continue to receive the same white glove concierge service. The combined companies will operate with offices in Denver, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Boston, and London, for more global reach and recognition.

“We see the move under the Global Air Charters umbrella as a win-win for all,” stated Pat Diaz, President of Dynamic Jet Charter. “As always, we look forward to arranging your next journey, where in the world it might take you!”

– Global Air Charters






To learn more about Global Air Charters or to request a quote, please visit globalaircharters.com


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Michael Vanacore-Netz, GAC’s New Chief Pilot

Michael Vanacore-Netz:
GAC Chief Pilot.
1600 Hours of Operational Experience.
over 3000 hours of flight time.

TITLE: Cheif Pilot


– Marywood University, BBA Aviation Flight Management

– Gwynedd Mercy University, MBA Strategic Leadership and MS Management

– International Air Transport Association Aviation Management Professional (AvMP)

Michael Vanacore-Netz

Michael Vanacore-Netz has flown as pilot in command for various entities across the United States. We are thrilled to announce him as the Chief Pilot with Global Air Charters.

Michael holds FAA type ratings in The Cessna Citation Jet, Cessna Sovereign, Bombardier Global Express, Gulfstream IV and Gulfstream V airframes. Additionally, Michael has accrued over 1600 hours of operational experience in the GIV and GV airframes with over 1000 hours as pilot in command. From 2013 to 2016 Michael was based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as well as Almaty, Kazakhstan in the Gulfstream G450 airframe. Michael’s international experience includes operations in more than 40 countries with significant emphasis in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

In addition to his flying responsibilities Michael spent 8 years working at CAE within the Gulfstream and Bombarder programs. Michael’s focus while at CAE was on human factors, decision making, crew resource management, and threat and error management.

Michael’s experience and dedication have been great assets to the Global Air Charters team and we look forward to a bright future together.


Hours of Flight Time


Hours of Operational Experience


Countries with International Experience


Years Working with Gulfstream Programs

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Michael Vanacore-Netz

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