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Charter Flights

Light Jets


Light Jet


5 to 8

Statute Miles

Up to 2,700

Cruising Speed (est.)

500 mph

A Light Jet Charter is Ideal for
Regional Flights of up to Three Hours

A light jet is an aircraft that holds a maximum gross takeoff weight of 12,500 pounds. Many consider light jets to be the best value in executive jet charters, comfortably fitting up to 7 passengers. A further benefit is the ability to land at smaller airports, getting you closer to your final destination.

Other highlights of a light jet charter include:

  • Mini galleys
  • An enclosed lavatory
  • In-flight audio/video entertainment


Light jets have a flight range of up to approximately 2,700 statute miles and are frequently used for regional charter flights of up to three hours. Light jets are a great aircraft for commercial purposes such as air photography and air tours, for business / executive jet charter services, as well as personal uses and light freight transportation. Take flight by traveling on a light jet today!


Book a light jet with Global Air Charters. Call 844-212-5325.

Benefits of Executive Charter Flights with Global Air Charters:

  • Flights scheduled to depart at your convenience
  • Service from a private airport facility – no more wasting time in long, slow-moving security lines
  • Personable crews make your flight a memorable experience
  • Small regional airports are possible for departure and landing, as well as large airports such as Miami, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale and Las Vegas
  • Global Air Charters offers a 4-passenger Cessna Mustang and a 7-passenger Nextant 400 XTi aircraft, as well as other light jets available from our partner operators