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Don’t Let Airline Furloughs Ruin Your Holiday Travel Plans

GAC Airline Furloughs Holiday Travel

As airline furloughs begin across the country, holiday travelers face reduced airline support during this busy travel season.

The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to disrupt travel plans worldwide, and now U.S. airline furloughs add another layer of complexity to the impending holiday travel season.  Following the expiration of a federal prohibition on job cuts, around 32,000 employees have been furloughed since the beginning of October. Airlines have already struggled with shrinking workforces, fewer passengers, and limited travel, ultimately costing over $10 billion in lost revenue since the pandemic started earlier this year. With the holidays approaching, many ask the common question, “Is there a safe way to travel home for the holidays?”. Private jet charter travel has increased during the pandemic due to its health and safety measures.

GAC Holiday Travel

GAC Airline Furloughs Holiday Travel

Global Air Charters provides a safe and stress-free alternative for holiday travel this year. Throughout the past year, passengers are migrating to private travel for the safety, flexibility, and amenities provided. A lot of people are stepping up and exploring the option to fly private over commercial aviation. GAC would like to remind everyone that safety is our number one priority for both passengers and employees. Flying with Global Air Charters provides you with the confidence that we will never cancel your trip, overfill your flight, or require you to wait in long security lines.

We want to share the steps we are taking to ensure you have a safe and comfortable flying experience.

Clean Aircraft – providing hand sanitizer on our airplanes for crew and passenger use, in addition to soap and water for handwashing. GAC also thoroughly disinfects all aircraft surfaces after each flight. The disinfection process includes all tables, countertops, video screens, cup holders, ledges, railings, doorknobs, vents, buttons, and the lavatory.

Your Safety is Our Safety- providing masks to our flight crews and supplementary crew training beyond our standard sanitation training. The added training reviews safe food handling, garbage removal, and the importance of frequent handwashing. In addition, GAC has ordered Rapid COVID-19 tests; this gives us the ability to test crews before each flight. Team members remain home if sick or if any symptoms arise.

Fresh Ambient Air on All Flights- Gulfstream compartments replenish the ambient air every 4-6 minutes. There is no recirculating air, ensuring you can breathe safely, even at 31,000 feet.

Nextant-400XTi-1140x602The GAC Guarantee

GAC understands the importance of transitioning newcomers and continuing to offer convenient travel options for seasoned charter flyers.

GAC’s Lux Card is not only for novice flyers but also a great way to get fixed rates and explore charter travel. The GAC LUX Card guarantees a fixed hourly rate, no hidden charges, and no monthly membership fees. We value transparency and honesty. We never surprise you with fuel, ramp, and crew fees; the price we give you is the price you pay. Members get access to one of the largest executive fleets in the charter industry, 365 days a year. Flying with GAC provides you confidence that we will never cancel your trip, overfill your flight, or require you to wait in long security lines.

Our focus always has and will remain on your safety and comfort. Thank you for your trust in Global Air Charters. Please contact us for any charter requests or questions you might have. We are here to assist you.

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