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Cessna Citation Mustang N872G

Cessna Mustang Private Jet Charter

The Citation® Mustang® is a fast and spacious aircraft capable of landing at thousands of airports in North America to get you closer to your ultimate destination. Featuring six large oval windows, the Mustang delivers spectacular views and abundant natural light.

Save Valuable Time & Money

Popular with business travelers, the cozy, yet roomy interior provides elegance and comfort and includes stowable tables for on-demand workspace. The Mustang has advanced avionics technology and an aerodynamic design for performance with the ability to cruise high over the weather. With seating for up to four passengers, the Cessna Mustang is an efficient, comfortable light jet option for private charter.

Performance Design:

1,000 NM
Max Flight Time:
3 hours
Passenger Capacity:
Baggage Capacity:
718 lbs. / 63 cu ft. Storage Cabinet for Carry-Ons and Miscellaneous Items
Cabin Height:
54" (1.37m)
Cabin Width:
55" (1.40m)
Cabin Length:
9' 9" (2.97m)


In-Flight Refreshments

Visa Waiver Carrier

Reading Lights

Stowable Tables

Multi-zone Climate Control

12-Volt DC outlet

Advanced Soundproofing

Layout of Passenger Accommodations (LOPA)

LOPA Cessna Mustang N872G