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Growth During the Pandemic Skyrockets For Global Air Charters

Global Air Charters’ Growth During The Pandemic Surpasses Expectation

Adapting to the ever-changing travel and safety needs of our customers during the COVID-19 pandemic has helped Global Air Charters thrive during challenging times. We have experienced remarkable growth in four specific areas.

Fleet Growth

global air charters growth gulfstream gv
The Gulfstream GV N280PH cabin provides ample space to make the most of your time in the air.

Since the start of the pandemic, we added four aircraft to our fleet, better enabling us to meet your short-notice travel needs. These additional aircraft helped propel us to reach 2,442 hours of fleet flight time in 2020.

We added two Gulfstream GVs, expanding options for passengers who require a long-range. These aircraft offer the highest level of luxury and comfort, with the ability to fly XX hours nonstop. Both GVs allow up to 14 passengers and have all of the amenities you’d expect with an elite aesthetic. Travel in style and luxury on your next international adventure.

We also expanded our light-jet options, adding two Nextant 400XTi aircraft to our fleet. These jets provide a comfortable ride at a great value. Certified to fly within the United States, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean Islands, the Nextant is able to land at thousands of smaller airports normally inaccessible to commercial jets. The significantly greater choice of airports means you arrive closer to your final destination, spending less time driving once you land.

Crew Growth

Our team grew in 2020 by 11 pilots, three cabin attendants, and one maintenance employee. The momentum hasn’t stopped in 2021, as the team added nine pilots, four cabin attendants, one flight coordinator, and one more maintenance employee. Our larger team is more accessible than ever before to meet your travel needs. All Global Air Charters employees maintain the highest training standards. Crew members consistently uphold our mission of customer service and safety at the forefront.

Employee Benefits Increased

The Global Air Charters team is integral to our success, and employee health and well-being are top priorities. In addition to team growth during the pandemic, employee benefits now include quality medical, dental, and vision insurance, plus an HSA program. Furthermore, employee access to a 401k plan, short-term disability, long-term disability, and life insurance options was already in place. We are excited to offer competitive benefits to the entire Global Air Charters team.

GAC Hand Sanitizer Packets Growth
GAC’s hand sanitizer packets are available on all flights.

COVID Safety Protocols

In response to the global pandemic, Global Air Charters adopted COVID cleaning protocols that utilize EPA-approved disinfectant products. While our planes have always been thoroughly cleaned after each flight, our updated cleaning checklist utilizes EPA-registered disinfectant products that the CDC recommends. Additionally, hand sanitizer and disinfectant hand wipes are available on our flights for passengers and crews. Global Air Charters set a standard of asking staff to stay home if they exhibit possible symptoms of COVID-19 to protect passengers and our crews. We also remain well-staffed to ensure no flight is impacted.

VIP Customer Service

Since Day 1, Global Air Charters’ top priority has been maintaining the highest level of customer service in the industry. From private flights to aircraft management, our staff strives to provide excellent experiences. As a component of our high standards, we implemented all necessary precautions for our customers and team’s safety. Custom experiences on flights, such as birthday parties, holiday celebrations, or themed decorations, are one way Global Air Charters goes above and beyond to exceed your expectations every time you fly with us.

Global Air Charters is Here to Meet Your Travel Needs

Global Air Charters experienced positive growth early in the pandemic and has sustained momentum through the first quarter of 2021. The entire team at GAC maintains its commitment to providing excellent experiences and outstanding service in every aspect of the company’s offerings to our customers.

About Global Air Charters

Global Air Charters is a full-service aviation charter company. Our mission is to create exceptional value for our clients through elite travel services provided by professional and disciplined staff through a transparent operation. We strive to maintain the highest level of safety, service, and efficiency. Our executive team is highly proficient in all aspects of international and domestic charter operations and aircraft management. Our leadership has accumulating years of real-world, hands-on operational experience. The Global Air Charters team takes pride in providing our passengers with the perfect flight every time.

If you would like to request a quote or learn more about Global Air Charters and the precautionary steps we are taking during the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit our website,, or call 844-212-5325.

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