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Lead Flight Coordinator - Dispatcher

In her role as Lead Flight Coordinator and Dispatcher, Katie oversees flight planning, permits, and ensures that GAC flights run smoothly.

Before joining GAC, Katie was an Escrow Specialist for North American Construction Services. When her father, Todd Vollhaber, offered her a chance to join GAC as a flight attendant in 2016, she knew this was the change she had been looking for.

“I was the first staff flight attendant when I started,” recalls Katie. “Over the years, I grew our team to four flight attendants and started our department of flight coordinating. It allowed me to transition from life on the road to back in an office.”

Katie credits her father’s lifelong interest in flying for sparking her own interest in pursuing aviation as a career. “Growing up, my dad was a hobby pilot,” says Katie, “so I’ve been around small planes since I was young. I was always curious about aircraft, and it is a big part of why I got involved in private aviation.”

Katie attended Iowa State University in Ames and received her corporate flight attendant training from Flight Safety International. She currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.