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G550 Added to GAC's Gulfstream Fleet

GAC adds G550 to Growing Fleet of Ultra-Long-Range AirframesG550

GAC is excited to welcome N550, a sleek and shiny Gulfstream G550, to our fleet. This addition now makes seven long-range Gulfstream airframes available to our clients.

This is the first Gulfstream G550, also called GV-SP, to enter service with GAC. The G550 line was an update to the GV model that was manufactured from 2003 to 2021. The model gave the GV a new flight deck and improvements to the Rolls Royce BR700 Series turbofan engines. N550 also has a stylish interior, with dramatic whites and blacks that feel futuristic and inviting.

Along with our recent onboarding of N5616, N550 is a part of our commitment to give our clients greater access to ultra-long-range airframes. Our GVs and G550 are available for transoceanic routes, with easy range to Asia and Europe.

Click over to the fleet page to learn more of the airframe’s specs, view its elegant interior, and let us know where N550 can take you.

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