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Light Jet Charters: Is it the Right Option for Your Next Flight?

Our Light Jets Offer Comfort, Privacy, and ConvenienceGulfstream GV Executive Business Charter

Light Jets are a great way to experience private travel, offering the comfort and convenience of flying private while at a lower price point than a medium or heavy jet.

Our fleet consists of two <a href=””>Nextant 400XTi</a> jets and one <a href=””>Cessna Citation Mustang</a>. Our light jets fly up to three hours per leg, with room for four to seven passengers in the cabin. Although smaller jets do not include service from a cabin attendant, our pilots and staff are committed to delivering the communication and personal service for which GAC is known.

The advantages of light jet charters are boundless. Let’s explore when light jets are the right option for your next flight.

Light Jet Expanded Destination Options

The biggest advantage of a light jet is the accessibility to thousands of small airports with shorter runways. Sometimes even medium jets do not have clearance to land at these airports. Consider a light jet if you are flying to a more remote location not served by the larger airports. Flying light means you land significantly closer to your final destination, giving you more time for business, adventure, or relaxation.

Shorter Legs

Our light jets are generally capable of flying three hours per leg, making them ideal for family getaways, weekend trips, and business trips. Passengers travel to many destinations such as New York City to Miami and Salt Lake City to Houston. International flights from the Southern half of the United States to the Caribbean or parts of Mexico are also great options. Contact our sales department for airport combinations that are available nonstop on our fleet.

Light Jets Are Cost-Effective and Convenient

Light jets are the most cost-effective way to travel privately, with pricing for larger groups often comparing favorably with First-Class seating on the airlines. Our two Nextant aircraft accommodate up to seven passengers, and your reservation secures the entire plane vs. renting a seat. If you are planning a vacation with a group of friends or extended family – or traveling with multiple business colleagues – light jets offer VIP customer care at a reasonable price. In addition, you will experience time savings well beyond what’s possible flying first class. Forego the stress of crowded terminals and long airport lines and drive straight to your aircraft. Enjoy relaxed convenience as our crews secure your belongings.

Pet Friendly

An additional benefit of flying our light jets is the pet-friendly flexibility within the cabin. GAC is committed to making sure your furry loved ones are as relaxed as you are in the air. Keep your dogs or cats on your lap or by your feet — and never again worry about them in the baggage hold when traveling.

Light Jet Travel: Flexibility and ConfidenceNextant Private Jet Charter

Our light jets offer the ability to travel with confidence. If you need to make multiple business stops in a single day, rest easy that you will not be left behind if running late – and the plane can be ready for early departure if your meeting wraps up ahead of schedule. Our empowered flight crew will provide an unparalleled level of safety, communication and service, ensuring you feel valued and informed.

The boundless benefits of flying a light jet make it an exceptional choice to meet many of your travel needs. You gain the discretion and privacy of flying private at a cost-effective price that’s within reach for smaller companies, newer executives, and business partners. Additionally, you’ll avoid security checkpoints and long waits in a terminal. Therefore, this allows you to maximize time at your destination and avoid delays in your workday. No matter the reason for your travel, consider a light jet for flexibility and confidence.

Nextant Private Charter SpaceNextant 400XTi Light Jet Amenities

The Nextant 400XTi gets you to your destination with all the first-rate amenities you require. Our two Nextant light jets accommodate up to seven passengers and travel up to 2,003 nautical miles. With a top speed of 406 knots, the Nextant XTi grants you the ability to get to your destination in less time than other aircraft in its class.

This aircraft features a galley, noise cancelation insulation that reduces exterior noise, fold-away tabletops, and Wi-Fi within the continental United States. Furthermore, the interior is designed with comfort in mind. Two sets of side-by-side captain-style seats that face each other make it a perfect place for a small meeting. Additionally, the three large windows on either side of the aircraft let in ample light, helping to reduce jetlag.

Click here to learn more about our Nextant 400XTi jets.

The GAC Private Charter Advantage

Global Air Charters is a world-class, quality-driven company that puts customer care and well-being first. When you board our planes, expect comfort, service, and safety – delivered in equal parts by our hand-picked flight teams. Therefore, rest at ease knowing you have direct access to our highly trained, empowered crew members and management, who pride themselves on anticipating and fulfilling your needs — whether personal or travel-related.


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