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Business or Pleasure - Light Jets are Versatile, Cost-effective, and Offer Peace of Mind

Who Flies Light Jets?

It is helpful for those new to private jet charters to understand what size jet meets their needs. Picking a reputable broker, who works with well-managed and professional charter companies, is a great place to start. Our sales team, and the brokers we work with, understand your specific needs and help you pick the right aircraft.

Our clients typically use our charter services for flights that are 4 hours long. Distance and time are no limitations on light jets. However, when you need to travel further, plan for at least one stop to refuel on a light jet. Some clients are ok with this, while others prefer to get to their destinations without stops. That said, travelers in groups of seven or less might consider a trip on one of our Nextant 400XTi aircraft. If you travel with five or fewer people and want to charter a jet within your region, you might look at our Cessna Citation Mustang.

It is worth mentioning that light jets are not for every client. Sometimes, there is not enough space on a light jet to accommodate the passengers and belongings necessary to reach a given destination.

How Far Do Light Jets Go?Nextant Private Jet Charter light jets

Aircraft in the light jet category have ranges that begin at 1,000 nautical miles (1,150 statute miles). The ranges end around 2,200 nautical miles (2,530 statute miles). Typically, this range works well for a wide variety of private charter clients. One additional factor is that light jets can get into much smaller airports closer to your destination than a midsize jet.

Light jets generally are not an ideal choice for crossing the country. The extra time required for additional fuel is a hassle to some. Consider transcontinental flights, such as New Jersey to California, Florida to Oregon, or North Carolina to Washington, which might require a stop. Because you’re going against the jet stream, flying east to west is slower. Due to the jet stream “pushing” you along, it is less likely to require a top for fuel If you are traveling west to east. You will also arrive sooner.

Cost Differential: Light Jets vs. Midsize Jets

An additional benefit to consider when chartering a light jet is the cost savings. Operating a light jet is more fuel-efficient. Furthermore, the reduced size means additional fees, like handling and landing, are much less. Because light jets are more cost-effective, they have become a popular option among business travelers for regional day trips. Consider the following two cost comparisons to get an idea of the difference between flying on a typical midsize jet versus a more cost-efficient light jet:

Bombardier Challenger 300 average rate: $7,000.00/hr.
Nextant 400XTi average rate: $3,4000.00/hr.

Learjet 60 average rate: $3,700.00/hr.
Cessna Citation Mustang average rate: $2,650.00/hr.

The average hourly rates quoted above do not include other fees associated with chartering a flight, such as fuel, landing fees, and taxes. It is important to keep those additional operating costs in mind when you receive a quote for a trip on your next light jet.