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The Nextant Jet Provides Superior Comfort and Performance

The New Nextant in Global Air Charters’ Fleet Will Get You There Faster

Global Air Charters is proud to announce the addition of a second Nextant. As a light jet, the <a href=””>Nextant XTi (N258EB)</a> is an efficient charter option that gets you safely to your destination while offering an elegant interior and first-rate amenities.

The Nextant Has Superior Performance DesignNextant Private Jet Charter Seating

The new Nextant N258EB is certified to fly within the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean Islands. The rugged design provides exceptional performance. The light, mid-range private jet holds 7 passengers for journeys as far as 2,003 Nautical Miles. The Nextant is fast. Its top speed is 406 knots, ensuring you will arrive faster than with other aircraft in its class. The like-new, low-time 2015 Nextant is an excellent choice for your next quick getaway.

The Nextant’s roomy cabin is 15’6″ long, 4’9″ high, and 4’11” wide. Its size provides a spacious feel for your journey, with an extra 2.5 inches of headroom and 3 inches in width. The luxurious sandstone leather seats offer a comfortable ride. Additionally, the aircraft has tan carpets and satin-finish walnut woodwork with satin nickel hardware for an aesthetically pleasing look. Fold-away tables are accessible to the rear seats and provide a great workspace. The onboard lavatory is a bonus and has 4 additional inches for added comfort.

Exceptional Amenities on the NextantNextant Private Jet Cockpit

The Nextant’s onboard galley provides a variety of beverages to refresh passengers. Significant noise reduction through acoustic insulation is standard on this jet so that passengers can make the most of their time relaxing or completing work. Complimentary WiFi is available on all domestic US flights. Ample natural lighting is available via the three large windows on either side of the plane. Additional lighting is accessible by the LED lights. Furthermore, the Nextant has two baggage compartments. The interior compartment holds 57 cubic meters, and the exterior compartment holds 75 cubic meters of baggage. Moreover, you won’t need to deal with logistical plans for necessary items getting to your destination through other means. The like-new, beautiful Nextant is a distinguished choice for all of your short to mid-range travel needs.

Safety as the Top Priority

Global Air Charters is serious about the safety and well-being of both crew and passengers. Every pilot on the team is always well-rested before every flight and has extensive flight experience. Furthermore, they attend continuing education classes to exceed industry requirements. The cabin attendants uphold the highest safety standards, with ample hand sanitizer, masks, and frequent hand washing. Additionally, they attend regular seminars to ensure all safety protocols are followed. The Nextant has a remarkable safety rating. Passengers can confidently enjoy their journey as every measure for safety is being taken on each flight with Global Air Charters.

The Global Air Charters Clean Promise

As the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light the importance of pathogen-free spaces, Global Air Charters has measures in place to ensure all surfaces are disinfected before every flight. All cleaners follow CDC and <a href=”” target=”_blank”>EPA</a> recommendations for effectiveness and environmental impact. Before each flight, thorough cleaning takes place, including every countertop, table, video screen, ledge, railing, doorknob, button, cup holder, and vent Additionally, the entire lavatory is disinfected. All crew members wear washable masks.

Flight crews complete supplemental training to exceed our standard sanitation practice. Furthermore, safe food handling, safe garbage removal, and frequent handwashing are key routines. Crews use rapid COVID-19 tests before every trip to ensure further safety. Additionally, Global Air Charters’ policy advises any team members who may be ill to remain at home.

The Nextant replenishes cabin air every 4-6 minutes, so passengers continually have fresh, ambient air. Therefore, no air is recirculated, allowing you to breathe easier.

Customized FlightsLet Us Customize Your Experience

Going to the Caribbean for a girl’s weekend trip or to Pebble Beach for a golf outing with the guys? Let Global Air Charters customize your experience. When booking your travel, let the team know your journey’s purpose, and the crew will create a unique flight. From birthday celebrations to Superbowl parties, our flight crew is ready to add something special to your trip. Our custom experiences can include catering and decorations to fit your theme. Leave it to GAC to create a memorable experience.

Pet-Friendly Travel

Global Air Charter’s commitment to providing an excellent flight extends to your furry friends. All aircraft are pet-friendly and provide an enjoyable experience for both you and your pet. Never kennel your dog and claim them after the flight again, or worse, leave your pet behind. The team has found that dogs do very well on our aircraft and enjoy hosting them with the same level of service expected for all passengers. All cabins are thoroughly cleaned after traveling with animals to ensure comfort for travelers with allergy concerns.