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Global Air Charters’ First Tree Planting Completed by Minnesota DNR

Small Size White Pine Atkins MN reforestation project

SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA—Global Air Charters is excited to share details on the first planting of tree seedlings under its previously announced commitment to reforestation projects.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MNDNR) confirmed that Global Air Charters’ donations funded the hand-planting of 6,000 bare-root conifer seedlings – in May 2022. Consisting of 5,400 red pines and 600 jack pines.

atkins mn reforestation project DNR on site

The Working Forest

The planting site comprises six acres of woodland near the St. Croix State Forest in Ogema Township in Pine County, Minnesota. Salvage harvesting cleared the area of wind-damaged trees. And created growing space for the next generation of forests.

MNDNR will manage the site as a “working forest,” using various silvicultural techniques. Keeping it healthy and sustainable long into the future.

Reforestation Across the State of Minnesota

Additionally, Global Air Charters chose to coordinate the plantings through MNDNR’s Future Forest Fund, which allows Minnesotans to contribute to reforestation projects across the state. In this program, MNDNR staffers identify areas needing reforestation that may have been affected by the disease, pests, fires, storms, and other disturbances. The program ensures funds are spent planting, growing, and protecting trees in Minnesota’s state forests.

atkins mn reforestation project DNR on site

“It’s incredibly gratifying to see these trees in the ground and to imagine the future forest that will grow as a result,” says Michael Vanacore-Netz, Global Air Charters’ chief operating officer. “This is only the first step in our initiative to counteract the carbon footprint of our operations. We can’t wait to contribute to more projects through the Future Forest Fund in the coming years. Thanks to the dedicated foresters at MNDNR for spearheading this critical work.”

Global Air Charters will continue periodically updating its customers on future tree plantings. As well as additional future carbon offsetting initiatives on our website.

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