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Susan Rodsjo

Lead Cabin Attendant


Susan Rodsjo

Susan Rodsjo is Global Air Charters’ Lead Cabin Attendant. Susan enjoys escaping into nature, hiking trails, and boating out on the water in northern Minnesota. Read on to learn more about Susan.

Tell us about your career path that lead to GAC.

My primary career has been in marketing communications and brand development for health and technology companies. I have a degree in journalism from the University of Minnesota and started my career as a magazine editor and writer.

What makes GAC stand apart from other private charters?

The amazing people who work for GAC make us stand apart from other charters. Our employees genuinely care about the customer experience – and they also care about each other. The owners of Global Air Charters have established a family-oriented company, and that culture extends through the ranks.

What is your favorite thing about working for GAC?

I love meeting new people and hearing about their life experiences. The guests we fly often travel in family groups, and it’s a pleasure to be part of their exciting vacation experiences. I also love getting to know the cabin attendant team I work with. This is a devoted, hard-working group, and all come from different background experiences. It is a joy getting to know the team!

What do you enjoy most about your position?

What I enjoy most about the position is the people. I am an extroverted social person and genuinely enjoy getting to know our passengers and crew.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a Cabin Attendant?

I started working as a cabin attendant to spend more time with my husband, Paul, the Director of Operations. As director and a GAC owner, he is constantly on the go – flying the airplanes, negotiating airframe purchases and management deals, attending Gulfstream school, and filling in wherever needed. Once our children were grown and off to college, we thought this would be a fun way to spend more time together. I suspected that I would enjoy working as a cabin attendant, but I have been thrilled to enjoy it so much. It is such a pleasure meeting the passengers – they have so many life and business experiences to share – and getting to know the crew.

What is your favorite occasion to celebrate while flying?

I don’t typically celebrate particular occasions when flying for personal vacations – but I would say that every family trip celebrates togetherness and the family bond. Traveling with family creates lifetime memories that tie us all together. You know what they say – Families that play together stay together – and that is so true.

What motivates you to do the best on the job?

When I visit a high-end hotel or restaurant, it’s amazing how their special care and attention can set my day into a positive motion. When a cleaning lady in the elevator at a Marriott Hotel smiles and says, “I hope you have a wonderful day,” the gesture is unbelievably meaningful. It puts a smile on my face and gives me happiness. It’s incredible how far these little gestures go in creating a positive, happy environment. I would like my passengers to feel that same appreciation and joy.

In your opinion, what makes a good cabin attendant?

A good cabin attendant is someone who takes joy in serving others and making the customers’ day special — someone who can maintain a smile under even the most stressful circumstances. A good cabin attendant also takes pride in the appearance and cleanliness of the airframe, personal appearance, and behind-the-scenes organization. A big part of our jobs is transitioning the airframe to the next cabin attendant in a manner that eliminates stress – drawers are organized, the plane is fully stocked, and clear notes are provided for the hand-off. These are the behind-the-scenes elements that others are unaware are a big part of the job.

What was your most memorable moment with Global Air Charters?

My most memorable moment was bringing the entire team of cabin attendants together for training with Flightess. We rarely get the opportunity to work together, so it was a joy to spend a few days getting to know each other. It is a fantastic team!

What do you like to do when you aren’t flying?

As much as I love to be with people, I also love escaping into nature. I enjoy hikes along forested trails – ideally where others are not hiking. I love the water and being out on our boat or at the cabin in Northern Minnesota. If you are not from Minnesota, you have no idea how magical it is to experience the “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” Every road in northern Minnesota winds around one lake after the other, and the water is crystal-clear. And like everyone in this business, I love to travel and experience different cultures.

What is your favorite travel destination? Why?

Last summer, I was on a GAC trip with Paul and our son, Espen, working as a co-pilot. We landed in London, but we decided to explore the countryside. Espen decided to book us a hotel in Canterbury, where none of us had been before. It is now one of our absolute favorite towns! The streets were narrow and winding, and it felt like we had stepped back into Charles Dickens’ times. Every store and restaurant was local and unique – none of the common brands found along the streets of other European cities. We ate in quiet little alleys with vines growing on the ancient stone walls. I highly recommend a visit to this quaint village.

What is your favorite plane to fly?

My favorite plane is N516GH because I love the galley, which matters greatly when working as a cabin attendant! The counters are deep, it has built-in coffee makers, and there is plenty of storage. I love making cocktails for our customers, and the plane has a perfectly set up cabinet with spirits and mixers, as well as wines and champagnes — all in one location. It is also a beautiful, comfortable airframe for the passengers.


We’re glad to have you on the team, Susan Rodsjo!