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Passengers: up to 16 | Stature Miles: 8700 | Cruising Speed: 570

Gulfstream Heavy Jet Charter

Gulfstream IV

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Global Express

Challenger Jet Private Charter - Heavy Jet

Challenger 604

Heavy jets are perfect for international journeys and luxurious transcontinental travel. Most large cabins accommodate 9-16 passengers comfortably and include a cabin attendant, WiFi, a full hot galley for custom in-flight catering, state of the art audio/video entertainment and a full size enclosed lavatory. High ceilings allow free movement around the cabin and most large cabins can convert into sleeping arrangements for 4-6 passengers. Non-stop ranges can exceed 7,000 statute miles, farther than many commercial airliners. Call and ask us about pricing and availability.

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With Global Air Charters, Say Farewell To:

  • Wasting time in an airport terminal
  • Arriving two hours before your flight is scheduled to depart
  • Standing in long, slow moving security lines
  • Stressing about your plane arriving at the gate on time
  • Waiting while your late arriving airplane gets prepped for your flight

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