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Relax and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your private charter meets the highest standards of safety. Global Air Charters has been a National Business Aircraft Association (NBAA) member since its inception and adheres to the LevelFlight Safety Standard. This ensures our clients that we take safety management seriously. The LevelFlgiht Standard exceeds the standards for safety set out by the FAA.

Global Air Charters provides the highest level of safety standards on the market. We are a proud partner with Airline Cert to introduce the LevelFlight Standard to the business aviation community. Furthermore, LevelFlight goes above and beyond the current FAA Part 91 and Part 135 regulations to exceed safety standards.

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The LevelFlight Safety Standard

Global Air Charters has partnered up with Airline Cert to join the LevelFlight Standard. The LevelFlight Standard is the only flight safety standard able to create a safe, efficient, and effective aviation department that meets the recommendations set out by the FAA, EASA, Transport Canada, and ICAO member states.

Additionally, it is the only safety standard that can verify, in real-time, that the validity of the company’s latest operational manuals, publications, and operating procedures.

LevelFlight pairs the reports with a safety score built on data taken from multiple facets of the air carrier’s operation. This includes crew experience, forecasted weather conditions, estimated duty day, and flight day length. It is through this enhancement that LevelFlight can help create a more proactive charter operation from the ground up.


Safety and experience in the aviation environment go hand in hand. Global Air Charters recognizes that there is simply no substitute for experience considering overall safety.

Since 2007 Global Air Charters has compiled thousands of hours of management and flight experience in Large Cabin Long Range Gulfstream Business Jets.

Our flight crews are all Pilot In Command Qualified and have thousands of flight hours in large long-range business jets.

Additionally, our captains all have the highest FAA airmen certificates. They meet the stringent minimums set by the Wyvern Wingman Standard.

Our flight crews have operational experience in over 175 countries having been internationally based in regions such as Europe, S.E. Asia, and Eurasia.

LevelFlight Safety

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We operate a fleet of Business Jets that are maintained by the manufacturer and authorized service centers to the highest of standards

All of our third party vendors are audited by the industry leaders on safety as well as internally by our own maintenance technicians

Whether an aircraft requires a routine inspection, unscheduled or heavy maintenance and overhaul or even a structural repair, we use only qualified FAA maintenance facilities that incorporate approved manufacture’s practices and operate using the highest level of industry standard safety procedures

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