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Frequently Asked Questions

1. May I eat on board?

Of course. We provide any type of catering to suit your tastes. Should you desire something more, let us know and we’ll make arrangements.

2. May I drink on board?

Yes. Beer, wine, and other drinks are served upon request. According to federal regulations, only the crew of the aircraft may serve you alcoholic beverages.

3. May I bring my pet?

Well-behaved pets are welcome on our aircraft. We recommend that smaller animals travel in a carrier, as this is usually more comfortable for all involved. Larger animals must be leashed, and the captain reserves the right to refuse access to an animal if passenger and crew safety could be compromised.

4. What type of baggage can I bring?

We can accommodate most baggage. We recommend that you pack soft-sided luggage. If you have any doubts that something will fit, just give us a call.

5. What about weather?

Global Air Charters’ aircraft generally can fly in the same weather conditions as the airlines can. Still, safety is our first priority. Some smaller airports lack the navigation aids required for poor weather. We will discuss this with you before your trip. (Please note that news stations sell advertising by hyping the weather, so please check with us for an accurate weather update.) If you have concerns, we’ll be happy to discuss them with you.

6. Where can I fly?

Almost anywhere. With Global Air Charters, almost any airport is accessible—and even places that aren’t airports can be served with helicopters.

7. What about security?

Global Air Charters has the best security possible: you personally know everyone on the aircraft. Because of this, you can immediately board your aircraft. Some executive terminals at the busiest airports insist on cursory security screening, but we’ll let you know about this before your flight. Personal security procedures for high-profile/high-risk individuals can also be arranged.

8. When can I fly?

Whenever you would like. We ask that you give us as much advance notice as possible, but we can be ready for departure in as little as an hour.

9. What if I need a bigger jet?

The aircraft we operate aren’t right for every trip. If this is the case, we can arrange the appropriate sized aircraft through our network of trusted affiliates.

10. May I drive up to the aircraft?

You can usually drive right up to the aircraft to unload your baggage and board. Some airports don’t allow this. Your crew will advise you as to the particular procedures of your departure airport.

Other questions?

Email us at info@globalaircharters.com