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When Traveling Private Jet Charter to Europe, Operational Experience Matters

Operational Experience

Operational Experience Matters!

Operational experience is a critical factor when choosing the best charter operator. While the advantages of flying privately on a chartered aircraft are well documented and widely understood, attention to the details matter. It’s why the industry continues to experience meteoric growth, both in the number of annual travelers, and frequency of trips taken. Because of this, there are a larger number of operators entering the industry in order to meet the ever-increasing demand.

However, not all charter operators are created equal, especially when it comes to international travel. There’s distinct expertise required to ensure your travel is safe, efficient, and hassle-free and the ability to deliver this seamless experience only comes through extensive first-hand experience.

Since our founding in 2007, Global Air Charters has become a recognized leader in overseas travel, compiling thousands of overseas flight hours with a flight department experienced in over 175 countries and territories. Here are a few keys to ensuring a flawless European travel experience. First, the basics:

The Right Fleet

There are different jet types are for different needs and travel ranges. One of the keys to an efficient European air charter experience is choosing an operator with jet classes that have the range to fly nonstop to most European cities. For example, Global Air Charters’ fleet includes a mix of Gulfstream aircraft and other large-cabin jets, each of which has a transoceanic-range and are certified for worldwide operation

International Experienced Operations and Crew

Operational Experience As with the ability to secure aircraft that can get you to where you need non-stop, it’s essential the flight crews are Pilot In Command Qualified, deeply experienced in over ocean air travel and the operations team familiar in the nuances of international airports, permitting and fees. Meet one of the team, Michael Vanacore-Netz, Global Air Charters’ Chief Pilot. Michael’s credentials include more than 3,500 hours of flight time with over 2000 hours in Gulfstreams covering more than 40 countries.

Wyvern Wingman Certified

Of course, nothing is more important than an air carrier’s safety record. Global Air Charters has been a National Business Aircraft Association (NBAA) member since our inception and also holds the designation as a Wyvern Wingman Certified Operator. This certification is a promise to our clients by exceeding the standards set out by the FAA, EASA and Transport Canada.

Beyond the basics, there are a number of problem areas that if mismanaged by internationally inexperienced operators can turn what should be a bespoke travel experience into a nightmare.

Traveler Documents and Documentation

Beyond passports, traveler documentation can range from Visa’s to Letters of Invitation and special documentation for children and pets. Each of these requirements will vary from country to country. Only a truly experienced international flight coordinator can ensure you secure the right documentation for every step of your international journey, including your return.

Expanding Your Destination Choices

Among the most significant benefits of flying on a privately chartered aircraft is the expansion of your destination choices. Private jets have additional accessibility beyond major airports designed for larger commercial aircraft. As a result, they are able to fly direct into smaller airports, thereby getting you closer to your destination. An internationally experienced team will expertly plan your itinerary. This extra service allows you to get you closest to your destination, cutting down on total travel time and costs.

On-The-Ground Transportation & Conveniences

While comfort and amenities abound in the air; the seamless transition from takeoff to landing is only part of the international travel experience. A truly experienced international private jet charter will ensure the flawless, efficient, and safe travel experience. Of course, this extends to when you’re on the ground. Coordinating or recommending highly vetted in-market providers across a wide range of services whose reputation is not questioned.

Choose Wisely, Choose Experience.

With the growing – and dizzying array – of private jet charter options, it’s important to understand a provider’s unique characteristics and expertise. And even more so when it comes to international private jet charter.

Don’t allow your broker to settle for just any operator, Global Air Charters is uniquely qualified for European travel. Moreover, our distinct level of deep hands-on expertise ensures your flight experience to Europe is convenient and stress-free. Whether for business or leisure the next time you travel to Europe, we invite you to travel with us.

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