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Empty Leg flights occur when customers require a one-way charter on our private airframes. We then fly that airframe empty, without passengers, to the next airport where a flight has been booked.

If you’re in the market or in the mood to visit those destinations, these empty leg flights can be diverted to you.

Our fleet of long-range and ultra-long-range airframes, including Gulfstream V and G550, is available at significant savings to savvy customers who snatch up these flights. Here are the routes we have on offer right now:


Currently Available Empty Legs

(Last Updated: June 13)

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    Empty Legs FAQs

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    The nature of empty legs is that the destinations vary. They're often the result of a one-way trip scheduled at the last minute, not routine travel we can easily predict.

    The best way to stay informed of flights to your target destination is by signing up for the Empty Legs mailing list. You'll get a weekly digest of all the flights available worldwide.

    Yes. Each empty leg is posted with its start date and end date. Let us know your travel needs and we'll do our best to accommodate requests that fit within that timeframe.

    It is certainly not difficult. GAC's dedicated flight brokers will make sure you get where you need to be on your timeframe. A return trip is priced the same as any GAC charter, and therefore would likely be a bit more expensive than the discounted empty leg.

    In the late winter through early spring, we continually fly back and forth from the U.S. to the Caribbean. Savvy island-goers can often find empty legs in those prime early months of the year.

    In the summer, there are often empty legs coming back from Europe. There's high demand in the U.S. to fly one-way to the old world for extended holidays. Flyers in locations like London, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, and Paris can often find deals for traveling back stateside.

    While it's unpredictable, empty legs are generally bound for places with high demand for charter services. It's not unusual to see Los Angeles, New York, or London and other major hubs as empty leg destinations. Empty legs often fly coast-to-coast or major north-south routes.

    No. These flights receive the same industry-leading service and personal attention to detail you can expect on every GAC charter. Other than a potential discounted price, there's no difference in experience.