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Growth During the Pandemic Skyrockets For Global Air Charters

Global Air Charters’ Growth During The Pandemic Surpasses Expectation Adapting to the ever-changing travel and safety needs of our customers during the COVID-19 pandemic has helped Global Air Charters thrive during challenging times. We have experienced remarkable growth in four specific areas. Fleet Growth Since the start of the pandemic, we added four aircraft to

International Travel During the Pandemic: A 2021 Update

International Travel Requirements During the COVID-19 Pandemic International travel is changing on a day-to-day basis as countries shift their methods to contain and mitigate the COVID-19 global pandemic. While some countries continue to restrict travel, others have relaxed their guidelines in favor of stringent testing requirements for entry. Global Air Charters is on alert 24/7

Carly Davidson, GAC Assistant Chief Pilot

Carly DavidsonAssistant Chief PilotCertified for Gulfstream GIV and GVBA in Political Science, Carleton CollegeGraduated Cum Laude, 2015Carly Davidson TITLE: Assistant Chief Pilot EXPERIENCES & CERTIFICATIONS:  - USA FAA for GIV & GV - BA in Political Science, Carleton College - Graduated Cum Laude 2015 Meet Carly Davidson, Global Air Charters Assistant Chief Pilot Carly Davidson, one

The Nextant Jet Provides Superior Comfort and Performance

The New Nextant in Global Air Charters’ Fleet Will Get You There Faster Global Air Charters is proud to announce the addition of a second Nextant. The Nextant N258EB efficiently gets you safely to your destination while offering an elegant interior and first-rate amenities. Travel in comfort on Global Air Charters’ newest fleet addition. The

The Mustang Provides Comfort and Style in a Class of Its Own

Experience High-Class in the Mustang The Cessna® Citation® Mustang®is an excellent way for passengers to dip their toes into the world of charter flights. The four-passenger light jet has thousands of destinations in North America. Fly in comfort and style with Global Air Charters on the Mustang. Save Valuable Time & Money Whether you are new

Experience Luxury in a Gulfstream GV

Global Air Charters Has Expanded by 2 Gulfstream GVs Global Air Charters is excited to announce the newest additions to its fleet. The two Gulfstream GVs are top of the line intercontinental-range, heavy business jet. These two new aircraft offer the remarkable design and luxurious amenities of private jets in their class. Additionally, GV jets

Don’t Let Airline Furloughs Ruin Your Holiday Travel Plans

As airline furloughs begin across the country, holiday travelers face reduced airline support during this busy travel season. The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to disrupt travel plans worldwide, and now U.S. airline furloughs add another layer of complexity to the impending holiday travel season.  Following the expiration of a federal prohibition on job cuts, around 32,000

Global Air Charters Helps Reunite Beloved Pets with U.S. Service Members

Global Air Charters Rescue Mission to Help 47 Cats and Dogs from Iraq Reunite with their Military Service Owners In July, Global Air Charters was approached with the opportunity to conduct a unique rescue flight out of Iraq. Working with Monarch Air Group and SPCA International (SPCAI), GAC enthusiastically agreed to help. Global Air Charters rescue mission helped

Private Jet Travel is Rising During COVID-19

Private Aviation is Changing the Game When it Comes to COVID-19 Jet Travel First-class commercial passengers are migrating to private jet travel due to safety, peace of mind, and additional benefits that business jets offer. Due to COVID-19 circumstances, business and recreational travelers are now opting for private charter to reduce exposure without hindering their

Global Air Charters is Expanding their Wings with a Nextant 400XTi

  Global Air Charters Adds a Light Jet-Mid Range to the Fleet Global Air Charters is proud to announce the newest addition to its growing fleet. The Nextant 400XTi is the second light jet in the GAC fleet.  Even in the COVID-19 environment, we continue to be a strong, stable company. We are growing despite

How Global Air Charters is Helping Their Community During COVID-19

Global Air Charters purchased protective masks for their crew, helping community in Covid-19 Investing in our communities and small businesses is a great way to give back and support others through the COVID-19 pandemic. Global Air Charters, a small business itself, is creatively adapting to the times. GAC aiming to support the passionate businesses in

GAC’s COVID-19 Precautions: Your Health & Safety is our Highest Priority

At Global Air Charters, our No. 1 priority is safety for our passengers and employees. Although it has always been standard practice to thoroughly clean the cabin, galley, and lavatory after every GAC flight, during this time of heightened awareness, we are being extra vigilant, retraining staff, and standardizing our cleaning products to ensure they

Nextant 400XTi is the Newest Addition to the GAC Fleet

Coming Soon… Global Air Charters Adds a Nextant 400XTi to the Fleet Global Air Charters, Inc. is adding another aircraft to its growing fleet. GAC announces the acquisition of a Nextant 400XTi that will add to the capabilities of its current fleet. Chief Pilot Michael Vanacore-Netz had this to say about the recent acquisition. “This

Private Jet Charter is Now Hassle-Free with The LUX Card

The Easiest Way to Book Private Jet Charter The GAC LUX Card is a program tailored to customers who want access similar to aircraft ownership, but with lower costs and none of the complexities of private jet charter. The LUX Card allows our staff to get to know your personal preferences and further enhance your

The LevelFlight Standard

GAC and Airline Cert Bring You a New Safety Standard Global Air Charters, Inc. today completed its initial assessment and compliance checklists to join the LevelFlight Standard. The LevelFlight Standard is an entirely new way of looking at safety, compliance, and risk management. Specifically developed for the business aviation and charter community, LevelFlight creates a

2019 Reflection from President, Todd Vollhaber

A Reflection on Global Air Charters’ 2019 Successes Global Air Charters (GAC) is thankful for the abundance of opportunities this past year that wouldn’t be possible without our crew and customers. The holiday season is an excellent opportunity to reflect on the successes of the past year and look forward to new and exciting opportunities.

Paul Rodsjo, GAC Director of Operations

Paul RodsjoGAC Director of Operations. More than 17,000 hours flying worldwide.Lifelong aviation enthusiast.Paul Rodsjo TITLE: Director of Operations EXPERIENCES & CERTIFICATIONS:  - USA FAA - EASA (European) Airline Transport Pilot certificate - More than 17000 hours flying worldwide - Speaks mulitple languages Get to know Paul Rodsjo, the Global Air Charters Director of Operations. Paul is

When Traveling Private Jet Charter to Europe, Operational Experience Matters

Operational Experience Matters! Operational experience is a critical factor when choosing the best charter operator. While the advantages of flying privately on a chartered aircraft are well documented and widely understood, attention to the details matter. It’s why the industry continues to experience meteoric growth, both in the number of annual travelers, and frequency of

Your Best Option for European Private Travel

Global Air Charter Provides the Best Option for European Private Travel. European private travel is especially important in the business world. Today’s private jet market is no longer simply a tool of extreme comfort; it’s a means for maximizing profits, while also allowing you to spend more time with your family and loved ones. High-level

Warm Winter Getaways 2019

Needing a warm place to retreat to this winter? Look no further, we’ve gathered a list of 7 Warm Winter Getaways for 2019 for a reprieve from the upcoming winter months. Head south for the winter for amazing weather, white-sand beaches, and great food. Book your flight now with Global Air Charters to enjoy these

Europe in September 2019

Europe in September Many people go back to work or school in September, which makes it the perfect time for a vacation. If crowds and heat deter you from visiting Europe in the summer, going in September is a great solution. In other words, the busy season in Europe ends as September begins, meaning there

Todd Vollhaber, Global Air Charters President

Todd VollhaberGAC President. Private, Multi-Engine, Instrument Pilot.Aviation Enthusiast.Todd Vollhaber TITLE: President CERTIFICATIONS:  - Private, Multi-Engine, Instrument pilot with a Citation Type Rating - Light Sport Seaplane endorsement for the Icon A5 Get to know Todd Vollhaber, the Global Air Charters President. Todd Vollhaber is an aviation enthusiast, he has a personal passion for flying. Todd is

What to do in Europe this August

Wondering what to do in Europe this August? Ahhh, Europe in August. We’ve got a list of the events and experiences you need to attend this August. Warm weather and cold gelato, hot air balloons and tea. These travel destinations are a great way to upgrade your summer to one your family will never forget. Here

7 Things to do in Europe this Summer

Looking for a reason to get away? We’ve got you covered with 7 things to do in Europe this summer! Don’t miss out on these events and destinations this summer! From Wimbledon to the Cinque Terre, Global Air Charters provides luxury air charters to your favorite destinations. Book your flight now to enjoy these places

Global Air Charters Announces Merger with Dynamic Jet Charter!

Global Air Charters Merges with Dynamic Jet Charter! On June 1, 2019, Global Air Charters announced a merger with Dynamic Jet Charter, our partners since February 2017. Dynamic Jet Charter brings new breadth and depth of superior private travel services for those customers needing to fly worldwide. Now, this merger includes expanded service offerings and

The 2019 Spring Events You Won’t Want To Miss!

Global Air Charters is your travel partner to these top 2019 spring events! Don’t miss out on any of the 2019 Spring events! From horse racing to music festivals, Global Air Charters provides luxury air charters to your favorite destinations. Book your flight now to enjoy these exciting events in person! Click here to request

Michael Vanacore-Netz, GAC’s New Chief Pilot

Michael Vanacore-Netz:GAC Chief Pilot. 1600 Hours of Operational Experience.over 3000 hours of flight time. TITLE: Cheif Pilot EDUCATION & CERTIFICATIONS:  - Marywood University, BBA Aviation Flight Management - Gwynedd Mercy University, MBA Strategic Leadership and MS Management - International Air Transport Association Aviation Management Professional (AvMP) Michael Vanacore-Netz has flown as pilot in command for various entities across

Global Air Charters, Inc. continues expansion of Gulfstream fleet with another GIV-SP, N129NS

Global Air Charters, a full-service Part 135-certified aviation charter and management company, has added a Gulfstream business jet to its fleet of aircraft. With a range of 3,600 miles, the Gulfstream is available for domestic and international service. The Gulfstream has a roomy, tasteful interior for up to 13 passengers.

Global Air Charters, Inc. Grows Globally – Adds 3rd Aircraft to the Gulfstream Fleet

GAC Grows Globally Adding a GIV, N44CE to the Current Gulfstream Fleet Global Air Charters, St. Paul, MN, has added a third Gulfstream to it’s growing fleet. This will be the third Gulfstream available from Global Air Charters, in addition to their 16 seat GIV-SP, N171JC. This newest G-IV, N44CE, boasts 12 seats, offers coast

Dynamic Jet Charter and Global Air Charters Sponsors Polo Event

Minnesota-Based Therapeutic Riding Center Enriches Children St. Paul, Minnesota: Dynamic Jet Charter and partner Global Air Charters, both of St. Paul, Minnesota proudly sponsored a VIP Tent at Freedom Farms Polo Event held Saturday, September 9th, 2017. The 10th annual polo match raised money for Freedom Farm.

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