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Aircraft Management

Custom Aircraft Management

At Global Air Charters we offer full service aircraft management solutions that allow aircraft owners the ability to manage their business and personal life while we manage their aircraft. We utilize a customized concept that is truly designed to serve your needs, at your pace, within your budget.

Our aircraft management programs focus on five specific goals:

  • General Aircraft Management
  • General Flight Operations Management
  • Flight Operations and Dispatch
  • Maintenance Management
  • Administration and Accounting

Focusing on these five areas of operation while conducting a transparent operation is what helps us sustain our advantage over the competition. Additional specific services provided by Global Air Charters includes:

  • Fair management fee
  • Discount fuel
  • Preferred pricing on pilot training, etc.
  • Reduced hourly maintenance rates
  • Parts at cost
  • Aircraft insurance
  • Insurance savings
  • Monthly accounting
  • Flight logs
  • Aggregate expense billing
  • Crew selection
  • FAA compliance
  • Maintenance support
  • Registration
  • FCC License
  • Sales/use tax
  • Operating agreements
  • Lease agreements

Our services go well beyond aircraft management and charter. Based on our experience, we have established programs that include aircraft sales, aircraft budget and analysis, as well as aircraft acquisition consulting. Whatever your business needs, our management team has you covered.

For a custom aircraft management program to meet your individual needs, contact us.

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