Aircraft Management

Offering Unparalleled Convenience, Flexibility and Affordability for your Private Jet Needs.

The GAC Standard

Global Air Charters offers full-service aircraft management solutions that allow aircraft owners, like you, the ability to manage your business and personal life while we operate your aircraft. We utilize a customized concept tailored to serve your needs, at your pace, and within your budget. Our flight department works with you and around your schedule.

Global Air Charters (GAC) provides a personalized management team whose goals and dedication are to the successful, efficient, safe, and transparent operation of your aircraft.

Risk Management

Risk management is more than just safety; it is ensuring that your aircraft investment is secure and hassle-free. Global Air Charters seeks out ways to proactively reduce your operational, security, and financial risks. You can rest assured knowing that we complete background checks on all third-party vendors, FBOs, and all vendor relationships regarding your aircraft.

Global Air Charters is a member of the National Business Aircraft Association (NBAA) member since its inception and has partnered with AirCert to join the LevelFlight safety standard. We take safety management seriously and exceed the standards for safety set out by the FAA.

Global Air Charters recognizes and respects your need for confidentiality and has many programs in place to ensure your travels remain private. GAC offers the ability to block your tail number from Aircraft Situation Display to Industry (ASDI) data, preventing it from being published to the public. Your aircraft team provides a proactive approach that prioritizes your privacy, above all. You, your passengers, and your aircraft can fly incognito out of sight from the public eye.

The LevelFlight Standard

Global Air Charters provides the highest level of safety standards on the market. We are a proud partner with Airline Cert to introduce the LevelFlight Standard to the business aviation community. LevelFlight goes above and beyond the current FAA Part 91 and Part 135 regulations to exceed safety standards.

The LevelFlight Standard is the only flight safety standard able to create a safe, efficient, and effective aviation department that meets the recommendations set out by the FAA, EASA, Transport Canada, and ICAO member states.

Additionally, it is the only safety standard that can verify, in real-time, that the validity of the company’s latest operational manuals, publications, and operating procedures.

LevelFlight pairs the reports with a safety score built on data taken from multiple facets of the air carrier’s operation, which include crew experience, forecasted weather conditions, estimated duty day, and flight day length. It is through this enhancement that LevelFlight can help create a more proactive charter operation from the ground up.

Flight Operations

The Global Air Charters management agreement details out all aspects of aircraft operation and maintenance, including crew selection and training, flight scheduling, dispatch, flight following, maintenance coordination, charter sales, and accounting. The aircraft management solution includes obtaining hangar space at a suitable location that is both economical and feasible for the scope of the operation.

GAC management will obtain, maintain, or renew insurance policies as well as ensuring compliance with those policies. Once we have a home base and an insurance policy for the aircraft, Global Air Charters will negotiate with vendors to gain favorable pricing for any products and services purchased for the operation of your asset. Lastly, we will oversee the aircraft operating costs on behalf of the owner as well as maintenance to include providing parts and labor for the aircraft when required.

Global Air Charters places importance on cross-training our pilots on a variety of aircraft. This training benefits the owner by always having a pilot available to fly an owner’s aircraft if needed.

Acquisition & Analysis

Global Air Charters provides top-notch projections and analysis when it comes to acquiring an aircraft and maximizing profits while you are not utilizing it.

Our team will develop customized projections for your aircraft, allowing you to leverage downtime, offset operating costs, and generate revenue.

As a part of our managed fleet, you will be able to take advantage of a personal marketing program allowing you access to an extensive network of established retail clients.

We utilize our current aviation infrastructure, network, and technical expertise to support and manage your aircraft. Our management team works to create a truly customized turn-key aircraft management solution. We offer a straightforward and transparent aircraft management service eliminating the ownership challenges of maintenance, operations, crew, account management, and aviation regulation management.

Global Air Charters is a boutique operation that provides you and your company with intimate and personalized service. Because we are not the most sizable management company on the market, we always provide unparalleled service, detail-oriented operations, and trust that we handle your investment like it is our own.

Aircraft Management - Gulfstream Management

ROI Potential

The revenue received from chartering your aircraft, when not in use, can significantly lower your costs of ownership, but this alone doesn’t turn a profit. So the right question to ask is, “How do I create a net neutral asset?”” When evaluating this question to charter your jet, take a personal analysis of your goals, flying schedule, make/model, and age of the plane.

In terms of what this additional revenue does to your net costs, it will undoubtedly reduce them, but realistically it is hard to break even. The better way to think of it is, what does it do to your occupied hourly rate. Global Air Charters will discuss your financial metric goals and how to obtain them with your aircraft. You can leverage downtime, offset operating costs, and generate revenue.

By opting to have Global Air Charters manage your aircraft, you are turning your aircraft’s idle time into revenue. Your team of marketing professionals ensures maximum reach to an expansive retail charter client base, corporate flight departments, operators, and international broker connections.

We will feature your aircraft as a part of the Global Air Charters fleet on our website, email campaigns, social media, and in paid advertising efforts to ensure as minimal idle time as possible.


GAC’s fleet maintenance team operates under the most stringent maintenance procedures in private aviation today. Your aircraft is continuously monitored by specialized maintenance coordinators, providing extensive support to keep your aircraft airworthy. Team members continually improve safety operations by participating in comprehensive annual maintenance training programs.

The care your aircraft receives is an essential aspect of deciding which aircraft management company will be the right fit. Aircraft management companies with in-house maintenance departments provide the ultimate peace of mind for you as the owner. You can rest assured knowing that maintenance is completed efficiently and correctly, reduces costs and downtime to maximize your flight time and pleasure of owning the aircraft.

When your aircraft is on-site at your hangar location, we can accomplish several maintenance tasks around your flight schedule. Additionally, management of your aircraft maintenance programs such as JSSI/Rolls Royce Corporate Care for your engines, HAPP Avionics Honeywell Avionics Protection Plan for your Avionics, and proper oversight on out-sourced maintenance, repair and warranty will provide significant savings.

Financial and HR

GAC’s Comprehensive Aircraft Management program manages all the daily details of your aircraft’s personnel requirements. GAC will recruit, hire, and train your crew as well as manage employee relationships and conflict resolution. We work with the best in the industry to serve as your crew. Additionally, GAC’s finance team will work closely with your financial representative to provide
customized invoices tailored to your needs. Each invoice is reviewed and audited for all aircraft-related costs and included in one simple monthly statement for your convenience.

In addition to handling and managing the essential employee support functions such as payroll and federal, state, and local employment taxes, GAC currently provides our crew members with a benefits package that meets or, in some cases, exceeds the current industry standard.

A few of these benefits include:

  • 401(k) Retirement Plan
  • Life Insurance
  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability
  • Pilots “Loss of License” Insurance

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