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International Charter Flights

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Whether you’re traveling from Houston to Hong Kong, Riyadh to Rome, or New York to New Zealand, you’ll feel at home on a Global Air Charters long-range jet. Our Gulfstream V aircraft journey 14 hours nonstop, with berthable plush leather seats and cozy linens. Inquire about our special expertise and connections across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Global Air Charters offers worldwide service with US-licensed pilots and US-registered aircraft operating under FAA Part 135 charter regulations, among the strictest in the world. With hundreds of oceanic crossings, our multicultural crews navigate East and West, both geographically and culturally. We can walk you smoothly through Customs in China, pull landing permits in Russia, and book ground transportation in Paraguay.

Our passionate and highly trained teams focus on providing the highest level of reliability and dependability, utilizing their countless international connections, high emotional intelligence, and cross-cultural skills to ensure smooth operations. GAC crew members have lived in worldwide locations across the East – including Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Jordan, and Australia – and the West, ranging from Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Costa Rica, and Brazil. Our language expertise includes Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, French, Norwegian, and Swedish.


Expertise in International Private Charter

Living abroad has enabled our crews and leadership to develop personal connections with international handlers across the globe, giving us that extra edge in international trip planning. When it comes to global navigation and planning, our expertise is unmatched. Inquire about our special expertise planning international jet charter trips to the following destinations:

• Asia-Pacific
• Middle East, with extensive experience in Saudi Arabia and UAE
• Africa
• Moscow and the Russian Federation
• Europe


Sample Itineraries

Following are recent flights completed on our long-range jets, including Gulfstream GV (max flight time about 14 hours) and Gulfstream GIV (max flight time about 9 hours). For additional options and leg-by-leg timing for international charter flights, contact our sales team at 844-212-5325.



Bedford, Massachusetts > Banak, Norway
GV – 7.0 hours nonstop

Tivat, Montenegro > Fort Worth, Texas
GV – 12.5 hours nonstop

Madrid, Spain > St. Paul, Minnesota
GV – 8.0 hours nonstop

Maun, Botswana > Portsmouth, New Hampshire
GV – 15 hours with a with a fuel stop in Cape Verde, Africa

Moffett Federal Airfield – Santa Clara County, California > London
GV – 10.5 hours nonstop

Ellington, Texas > Moscow, Russia
GV – 8.0 hours nonstop

Vancouver, British Columbia > Singapore
GV – 18 hours with a fuel stop in Tokyo, Japan

San Diego, California > to Nadi, Fiji
GV – 12.0 hours nonstop


White Plains, New York > Athens, Greece
GIV – 10 hours with a fuel stop in Shannon, Ireland

Osbourn, Antigua > Zurich, Switzerland
GIV – 9.0 hours nonstop

Dulles, Virginia > Accra, Ghana
GIV – 13 hours with a fuel stop in Cape Verde, Africa

Seoul, South Korea > Changzhou, China
GIV – 1.5 hours

Anchorage, Alaska > Seoul, South Korea
GIV – 8.5 hours nonstop

Phnom Penh, Cambodia > Tokyo, Japan
GIV – 6.0 hours nonstop

Van Nuys, California > Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
GIV – 17 hours with fuel stops in Allentown, Pennsylvania; and Shannon, Ireland

New York City > Erbil, Iraq
GIV – 12.1 hours with a fuel stop in Shannon, Ireland