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About Global Air Charters

Rediscover the Magic of Flying Private

A private jet flight with Global Air Charters will turn your expectation of travel on its head. Our light-hearted, friendly crew members create an atmosphere of hospitality and congeniality, letting you relax in comfort and style.

Embrace the convenience of stress-free travel, leaving airport lines behind. Relax into a plush leather seat as we manage your luggage and welcome you with a glass of champagne. Whether it’s service from a highly skilled flight attendant, or the surprise of a personalized experience tailored to meet your needs, you will feel honored, informed, and valued every second of your flight.



Experience the Difference

Our Mission

— To deliver unmatched hospitality in every aspect of private aviation, from delightful flights across the globe to outstanding service and acumen in aircraft management, brokerage, and sales/acquisitions.

We accomplish this mission by living out OUR VALUES in our relationships with:


To meet and exceed expectations by using creative entrepreneurship to achieve smart, inventive solutions.


To provide a respectful environment where employees are empowered to make decisions rooted in their shared desire for company success. To recognize the personal worth of all employees by committing to education/training, advancement opportunities, and a means to share in profitability.


To make a fair profit, meet our obligations, and sustain our growth – without compromising integrity.


To improve our communities through volunteerism and philanthropy.