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Gulfstream GV N211DR

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Large Cabin with Intercontinental Range

Certified for worldwide operation, the Gulfstream GV is an ideal heavy, intercontinental-range business jet with a 6,250 nautical mile range.

The Gulfstream GV is an incredibly reliable long-range business jet capable of both non-stop trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific flights. With a remarkable design, a large cabin, advanced BMW Rolls-Royce engines and ample cabin space, the GV offers great performance in the intercontinental class of jets.

Performance Design:

Intercontinental Range:
6250 NM
Max Flight Time:
14 hours
Passenger Capacity:
Cabin Height:
6' 2"
Cabin Width:
7' 3"
Cabin Length:
50' 1"


Full-Service Galley

4 Beds

ATG-5000 Wi-Fi

Clean air system

Stereo System


Visa Waiver Carrier

Layout of Passenger Accommodations (LOPA)

GV N211DR LOPA Beds Configuration

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