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Catalina Island Activities

Catalina Island Activities

Discover the Hidden Treasures of this Close-to-Home Island Paradise

Catalina Island is the crown jewel of the Channel Islands archipelago. And the mild spring weather makes April the perfect time to visit.

Nestled just off the coast of Southern California, only 22 miles southwest of Los Angeles, Catalina Island may as well be a world away. From its quaint seaside towns to its rugged, mountainous interior. Catalina Island offers visitors many opportunities to enjoy its laid-back lifestyle and unspoiled natural beauty.

Global Air Charters has expert knowledge of Catalina Island’s only airfield. Ensuring your journey from the mainland is a relaxing and enjoyable part of your trip. The airport (KAVX) is in the small island city of Avalon, and once you arrive, you’ll be just minutes away from everything Catalina Island has to offer.

Whether you’re there to enjoy the natural wonders of the ocean, experience the stunning mountain vistas, or explore the island’s cafes, boutiques, and dockside beach clubs, Catalina Island is the ideal springtime destination.

The Life Aquatic

Catalina Island in April is a great place to start if you want to encounter whales in the open ocean. Migration season for gray whales lasts from December to April. An avid nature lover can go whale-spotting on one of the many guided boat tours embarking from Catalina Island daily. Stay out on the water long enough, and you may also spot blue whales, humpback whales, and even the occasional killer whale.

Although the ocean waters around Catalina Island warm considerably in the summer, many aquatic adventurers find spring the perfect time of year for snorkeling or scuba diving in a comfortable wetsuit. The waters surrounding Catalina Island are nothing short of stunning. Crystal-clear clarity and diverse and colorful underwater topography.

Reefs, kelp forests, and soft white sand encircle the island’s beaches, creating the perfect environment for a dazzling display of biodiversity. Don’t be surprised if you’re accompanied by pelicans, nesting sea turtles, and an array of fish and other sea life when you visit Catalina Island’s beaches. If you’re lucky, you may spot a troop of sea lions basking in the sun on the island’s rocky shores.  Or witness a pod of dolphins frolicking in the nearby waters.

Between the Trees

For a truly unique adventure, try the Catalina Island Zipline Ecotour. You’ll get a bird’s-eye view of the island’s rugged terrain and stunning coastline. And you’ll feel like you’re flying as you soar over canyons, ridges, and rolling green hills. The zipline tour also includes a scenic hike through the island’s backcountry. Offering an up-close view of its flora and fauna. This exhilarating and educational tour is perfect for any adventure seeker.

In addition, April is the ideal time of year to enjoy a round of golf at the Catalina Island Golf Course. This picturesque nine-hole course in the heart of Avalon is just minutes from the airport. Originally built in 1892, this beautiful property has undergone several renovations and is designed to be challenging for players of all skill levels. You’ll have spectacular views of the island’s verdant terrain and beautiful shoreline as you play. The course is flanked by perfectly manicured gardens that attract deer, rabbits, and other wildlife.

Winding Down

Lastly, after a day of fun and adventure in Catalina Island’s natural beauty, wind down your evening with a visit to one of its charming cafes, restaurants, or wineries. But don’t be late, as nightlife on Catalina Island wraps up early. Most shops and restaurants close by 9 pm.

If getting away from it all sounds like the perfect getaway, contact your GAC broker today to plan your excursion to this hidden gem of the Pacific.

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