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Flights To Berlin

Flights to Berlin - View Of Main City

Doing business in the German capital might be your firm’s next big move

While many cities worldwide are known business hotspots, Berlin is sometimes overlooked. Germany’s capital city has grown in the past decade and has experienced a recent demand surge in various market segments.

Getting to Berlin is a relatively simple task for a long-range business jet like the Gulfstream IV. Contact our flight brokers to learn how easy travel to Berlin can be.

Excellence in Business Class Travel

Industry leaders, corporate executives, and business owners are among our most frequent international jet charter clients. The necessity for a business charter can range from face-to-face meetings with international partners to staking a claim in an opportunity abroad.

No matter what is in store for your business travel in 2023, chartering a jet for your team is both cost-effective and speaks volumes to the value and longevity of your enterprise(s). Whether you want productivity while you travel, relaxation to arrive refreshed and ready, or a mix of both, access to a fleet of long-range jets is crucial.

Guten Tag, Berlin

Germany’s largest cities are known for their strong local economies but remain somewhat obscure to outsiders who have yet to tap into the German marketplace. Berlin’s universities are as diverse as its workforce, providing German companies with a stream of well-educated graduates looking for opportunities around the metro. Berlin has also acquired a reputation for startups and is home to well-known firms such as Bayer and Siemens.

Expanding an existing business or starting a new venture in Berlin grants an organization access to Germany’s well-known transportation and logistics infrastructure. These allow Berlin-based companies to get their products into the global market efficiently. Other facets of German business, such as work culture, high quality standards, and planning logistics, are just a few additional reasons to consider a business trip to Berlin.

First-Time Fliers

Small and midsize firms are often apprehensive about their first experience utilizing a long-range business jet like the Gulfstream V. Private jet travel for international business purposes can seem like an unnecessary expenditure compared to a standard commercial flight.

An organizational need to charter a jet varies on a case-by-case basis, but here are the biggest reasons companies choose to charter:

    1. Flexibility is perhaps the most significant advantage of chartering a private jet for business reasons. When you charter, you know your jet will not depart without you if you run a few minutes behind schedule. We fly for you, and we often accommodate even significant changes to the schedule should the need arise. We are masters of adaptability in the things we can control, which has proven helpful for many of our clients in years past.


    1. Efficiency is the second biggest reason business owners and executive leadership teams use our service to travel internationally. Time is money, and when you can avoid countless hours spent waiting in security, boarding, and immigration lines, the cost savings begin to add up. If your executive’s hourly rate is in the thousands of dollars per hour, it’s easy to calculate the potential savings of avoiding these obstacles.


    1. Comfort is a less tangible but equally important reason for a business charter. On a long-range private jet, you can access specific catered food, dedicated cabin attendant service, and more space than you thought imaginable. The benefits of this kind of service are not immediately measured. Still, it has a long-term effect in establishing the rapport necessary for successful businesses looking to expand internationally.


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