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Full-Service Jet Management

Full-Service Jet Management

An Inside Look at Stewarding Your High-Value Asset

Private jet management firms specialize in every detail of aircraft handling, from provisioning the flight crew to operate the aircraft to sourcing hangar or ramp space when the aircraft is on the ground.

The various services offered by jet management save owners the money and hassle of ensuring the staffing and compliance of a complex craft. In this article, we’d like to explore some of the advantages of employing a jet management firm to take care of your high-value asset.

Provision of Flight Crew

While some owners like to hire pilots and flight attendants and negotiate their salaries, others use flight crews employed by a jet management firm. There are distinct advantages to trusting your jet management partner to provide flight crew:

  • Insurance requirements regarding the certification of flight crew and currency of flight experience. The management firm holds the appropriate insurance policy for its flight crews, so you, the aircraft owner, don’t have to.
  • Flight crew currency is another aspect handled by aircraft management firms. Federal regulations and insurance requirements dictate how often flight crews need to attend training for “currency” on your aircraft type. Flight crews receive training in emergency management, abnormal aircraft procedures, and extended envelope maneuvers. This ensures your aircraft is operated by the safest and most proficient flight crew(s) available.
  • Reserve pilots on demand is another huge advantage. Aircraft management companies have numerous pilots who can operate a flight should one of your assigned crew members call in sick. Even one occurrence of a flight being saved by access to reserve pilots is a massive payoff for choosing a jet management partner.

Offsetting the Cost of Aircraft Ownership

Many full-service jet management firms also operate aircraft under charter certificates filed with the FAA/ICAO. This option allows your jet to be chartered by reputable clients, which helps to offset your ownership costs. This option is not for everyone, but many owners do take advantage of the cost savings realized by putting their aircraft onto the charter certificate of their aircraft management partner.

Aircraft Maintenance

There is much that goes into staying on top of and getting ahead of aircraft maintenance responsibilities that can almost be a full-time job in and of itself.

Full-service aircraft management firms will ensure your asset is well taken care of and updated with inspections. When repairs are needed, your management partner will also take action to solve the problem on your behalf.

Not every aircraft management firm has its own maintenance department, but they often maintain working relationships with maintenance providers worldwide.

Full-Service Jet Management

Full-service aircraft management firms such as ours are critical to the longevity of private air travel. We make sure that our crafts’ ownership groups have aircraft that are safe to fly, staffed appropriately, and operated responsibly.

When you partner with a management firm like ours, you’re taking a responsibility off your shoulders. We have ten years of experience managing and operating jets that travel worldwide for our aircraft owners and charter clients. When it comes time to choose a management partner, remember that years of industry experience pays dividends.

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