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Experience Luxury in a Gulfstream GV Private Charter

Global Air Charters Has Expanded by 2 Gulfstream GVs

Global Air Charters is excited to announce the newest additions to its fleet. The two Gulfstream GVs are top of the line intercontinental-range, heavy business jet. These two new aircraft offer the remarkable design and luxurious amenities of private jets in their class. Additionally, GV jets are certified for worldwide operation and can take you wherever you need to go.

The GV’s Unmatched Prestige

Impress your colleagues and clients with the unmatched prestige of a private flight in our Gulfstream GV jets. Not only does the cabin offer roomy seating, but it also hosts three passenger zones. The separate zones are optimal for simultaneous meetings and privacy. Comfortable seating, table space, and a quiet environment offer an excellent space to get work done. The ability to work in an optimal setting maximizes your time. Furthermore, Global Air Charters offers WiFi, so you never have to miss an important call, email, or meeting. Another notable amenity available is the 10″ and 20″ monitors. These monitors are usable for meetings or to watch video entertainment. The full-service galley and custom catering provided ensures passengers won’t go hungry.

Pillows and blankets are available by request on each GV. These items provide passengers with the utmost comfort possible. The aircraft’s comfortable leather seating perpetuates the high-class feel of the cabin. The flight crew greets all passengers warmly and ensures every need is met with a smile. The staff is committed to making your flight as enjoyable as possible. Relax as the crew transports you to your chosen destination in style and safety.

Superior Performance Available on the Gulfstream GVCharter Flight - Interior

Global Air Charters’ GV jets can fly up to 14 hours with a range of 6,500 Nautical Miles or 7,450 Statue Miles. This extended distance provides a substantially larger list of destinations attainable with non-stop flights—for example, a flight from NYC to Tokyo, Japan.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, the new Gulfstream GV private charters will meet your needs. Both GV jets have the ability to transport 2500 lbs. of baggage, in addition to 16 passengers. The spacious cabin extends 44 feet, with the ceiling at 6’2″ in the walkway. Additionally, the walkway is no squeeze, as the cabin’s width is 7′ 3″. The advanced engines and flight technology provide efficient and powerful travel, with superior safety.

Safety at the Forefront

Global Air Charters’ cabin attendants are safety experts through continual training. They serve to ensure the highest standards are kept on every jet, and the GVs are no exception. The dedicated maintenance team regularly verifies all parts of every aircraft are in excellent condition and stay up to date with any changes to each model in the fleet. Moreover, every pilot on the Global Air Charters’ crew has extensive flight experience and is up to date with all safety standards.

“As with the ability to secure aircraft that can get you to where you need non-stop, it’s essential the flight crews are Pilot In Command Qualified, deeply experienced in over ocean air travel and the operations team familiar in the nuances of international airports, permitting and fees. Meet one of the team, Michael Vanacore-Netz, Global Air Charters’ Chief Pilot. Michael’s credentials include more than 3,500 hours of flight time with over 2000 hours in Gulfstreams covering more than 40 countries.”

LOPA Gulfstream GV N280PH

Make the Most of Your Flight on a GV

Customer service is Global Air Charters’ top priority. Every flight crew takes extra steps to ensure your comfort. The cabin is an optimal space for conducting business and can also be utilized for small events. Customers may request a birthday party on the flight, which the team is always excited to host. A cake, balloons, and streamers transform the atmosphere as the crew makes the passenger’s vision a reality.

Expands Despite Uncertain Times

Despite the uncertainty and challenges presented by the COVID-19 global pandemic, Global Air Charters has extensive staff and fleet. Since January 1, 2020, 16 pilots, four cabin attendants, two maintenance crew members, and one office employee have been added. 2021 is no different, and five more pilots will be added to the crew within the next two months. Additional staff members translate to increased availability for your travel needs. Furthermore, it guarantees the company’s ability to put the employee’s health in line with the passenger’s health.

Sanitation is Always Top of Mind

The demand for exemplary safety has increased tenfold within the last year. Many are now looking for private jet services to travel to reduce exposure risks. Safety is a top priority for the crew and passengers on all flights at Global Air Charters.

Every table, ledge, countertop, railing, video screen, cup holder, doorknob, vent, passenger button, and lavatory on the Gulfstream GV jets are thoroughly cleaned after each flight. The disinfectants used follow CDC and EPA guidelines and are standard on every jet. Hand sanitizer is available to crew and passengers at all times, in addition to soap and water for handwashing. The GV’s cabins are refreshed with ambient air every 4-6 minutes. Furthermore, the jets never have recirculated air introduced into the cabin.

All of the staff wear masks and complete a rapid COVID-19 test before every flight. Additionally, the crew practices safe food handling, garbage disposal and properly wash their hands often. Global Air Charters has a policy of encouraging employees to stay home if they feel sick, further lessening the likelihood of spreading illness.

Expanding Your Journey Choices with a GV

One of the largest advantages of adding two Gulfstream GV private charter jets to Global Air Charters’ fleet is expanding its available private jet destinations. Full-size aircraft have limited destinations, while private jets have a significantly greater list of airports they can travel to and from. Therefore, passengers may have the opportunity to get closer to their final destination when flying with a private aircraft company. Moreover, travel with a private charter provides a personal itinerary planned by an experienced team, whose goal is saving time and expenses for each passenger.

On-The-Ground Transportation & Conveniences

A smooth transition from takeoff to landing is just a piece of the international travel experience. Experienced international private jet crews can ensure an efficient and safe journey. The team at Global Air Charters doesn’t solely reserve this level of service to the time passengers are in the air but seamlessly includes the experience of time on the ground. The crew is highly vetted before joining the team and continually upholds superior customer service, which is classically expected from Global Air Charters.


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