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Mediterranean Summer Getaways

Vacationers on the European continent are planning their Mediterranean summer getaways. There’s no wrong time to visit the region, but it shines when the heat is on. Beach-side cafés, chartered catamarans and top-tier shopping await. Here are four of our favorite destinations.


The Cyclades are jam-packed with tourists in July and August, so now is the time to enjoy idyllic Mykonos. It’s everything you imagine a Greek island to be: the colorful houses and winding alleys, white wine by the seaside, souvlaki and moussaka to die for. Wander the white sands of Elia Beach (bring snorkel gear!) and charter a boat to cruise around the neighboring islands of  Delos and Rhenia.


This might be the most underrated country in the Balkans. Its neighbor, Croatia, has seen an influx of recent travel (thanks to HBO’s “Game of Thrones”). But our advice is to head down the Adriatic coast a little bit to the gorgeous towns of Montenegro’s relatively unknown Budva Riviera. You’ll find ancient city centers, luxury beach resorts, and excellent accommodations off the tourist radar. Head to Kotor for old-world vibes, Sveti Stefan for modern exclusive resorts, and Petrovac for laying on the beach.

Mediterranean Summer
Cala d’Hort, Ibiza



Ibiza and Mallorca

The Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain are the epitome of jet-set destinations in the Mediterranean. Long famous for nightlife, the dance clubs of Ibiza are back for their first full season since the pandemic began. In Mallorca, it’s currently the shoulder season, and the crowds will start flocking in early June, so sneak in a getaway this month. It’s the place for beach lounging, cliff jumping, and sailing around these enchanted isles.


It’s not just European countries that enjoy a slice of the Mediterranean summer. Head to Casablanca, Morocco, to experience a completely different piece of the region’s history and culture. You’ll want to spend time lying on the beach at Ain Diab but stay there until nightfall when all the clubs open up. Stay in the La Corniche neighborhood for easy access to the beach with plenty of good restaurants and shops looking out at the ocean.


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