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Meet Our Team Members

Our team members have a passion for aviation and are committed to providing the highest level of service. From many different backgrounds and experiences, they come to GAC to pursue their love of hospitality and personalize every flight. Get to know the friendly faces that will make your journey unforgettable.

Charter Sales Team

Photo of Bob Bruosta Bob Bruosta

Charter Sales Director

Photo of Simon Taylor Simon Taylor

Charter Sales Representative

Photo of David Ondrejko David Ondrejko

Charter Sales Representative

Photo of Jason Warren Jason Warren

Charter Sales Representative

Team Leads & Operations

Photo of Izaba Paras Izaba Paras

Human Resources Manager

Photo of Briana Tosti Briana Tosti

Flight Logistics Coordinator

Photo of Valerie Barrett Valerie Barrett

Lead Cabin Attendant

Photo of Grace Johnson Grace Johnson

Flight Coordinator/Dispatcher

Photo of Marnie Lubratt Marnie Lubratt

Senior Accountant


Photo of Jeff Aafedt Jeff Aafedt


Photo of Chris Caine Chris Caine


Photo of Andrew Mock Andrew Mock

Captain and Director of Safety

Photo of Espen Rodsjo Espen Rodsjo


Photo of Brian Town Brian Town


Photo of Corey Tozier Corey Tozier


First Officers

Photo of Colin Bazo Colin Bazo

First Officer

Photo of Andrew Dauenhauer Andrew Dauenhauer

First Officer

Photo of Ian Iott Ian Iott

First Officer

Photo of Jack Lewis Jack Lewis

First Officer

Photo of Justin Mild Justin Mild

First Officer

Photo of Dylan Norgard Dylan Norgard

First Officer

Cabin Attendants

Photo of Colleen Bertagnolli Colleen Bertagnolli

Cabin Attendant

Photo of Rachel Canada Rachel Canada

Cabin Attendant

Photo of Krizia Pastoriza Krizia Pastoriza

Cabin Attendant

Marketing Team