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In his role as Pilot-Captain, Nate oversees all pilots and facilitates a variety of management needs for Global Air Charters. He acts as the chief representative for pilots and flight crews, ensuring that they have the tools needed to be effective in their positions. Additionally, he coordinates training, educates crews about GAC policies, keeps them up-to-date on FAA notices, and manages scheduling of aircraft and crew.

Nate has years of experience both as a pilot and as an instructor. He spent more than six years training young pilots to fly business jets at CAE. Recently, he worked as a pilot for Piedmont Airlines. When the COVID pandemic hit, he decided it was the right time to make a move to charter aviation, joining GAC in 2020.

“Part of what I am trying to do,” explains Nate, “is to help GAC become a big player in the charter aviation business. We want to keep our roots, but also have a more streamlined and efficient operation as we expand. This is my job, and I’m gonna do it to the best of my ability.”

Nate’s first exposure to aviation came from his grandfather, a flight engineer who held a distinguished flying cross and spoke often to his grandson about airplanes and flying.

“I was always fascinated by aerospace, both the airplane side and manned spaceflight,” recalls Nate. “And one day I just decided to do it myself.”

Nate holds a Bachelor of Arts in Technical Writing and Spanish from the University of Delaware. He speaks conversational Spanish and currently lives in Westgrove, Pennsylvania.