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Join Global Air Charters in celebrating the world’s most-watched sporting event

View of qatar skyscrapers from street view

2022 FIFA World Cup: The Excitement of Chartering a Jet onto The World Stage of Sport

This year has been busy for sporting event travel at Global Air Charters. Demand for the most prominent events has surged as COVID-19 lockdowns subside and audiences return to arenas. We are thrilled about the growth of event-centered travel and the resulting volume of international flying. Our passion has always been delivering the entire world to our valued clients. This year, the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Doha, Qatar, begins on November 21 and ends on December 18. It is expected to be an even bigger blowout than in years past, and we are excited to be part of it.

FIFA World Cup: A Brief History

Since 1930, the World Cup has captured the attention of the entire world and is the most-watched sporting event. Regarded more as a spectacle, soccer matches in Olympic competitions leading up to the 1930 World Cup were met with skepticism among audiences. But since World War II, FIFA has enjoyed explosive growth, and now, 48 international teams currently win the right to represent their country in the prestigious World Cup.

Experience Doha

This year, Doha, the capital of Qatar, will see an influx of visitors that it has never experienced before. Following this year’s events, Doha is building new luxury condominiums and hotels to meet the future tourism demand post-World Cup. While in Doha, there is a lot to see and do outside the arenas:

  • Souq Waqif (Outdoor Market)

    • In the evening, this authentic outdoor market comes to life with the vibrance you might expect from Persian Gulf trading. If you like the cultural experience of buying high-quality, one-of-a-kind goods from local people, this will be a great way to start your evening in Doha. Be warned that the market might get crowded in early-to-mid December as the World Cup draws to a close.
  • 4WD Sand Dune Safari

    • Just outside the city to the south lies an immense desert of fine golden dunes that make the perfect playground for off-road vehicles. In between matches, a desert excursion with camel rides and 4WD speed machines will stimulate the senses. Not only do experiences like this make great photo ops, but they are also just plain fun!
  • Charter a Yacht into the Persian Gulf 

    • Another way to experience the beauty of the local region during the World Cup is with a relaxing day at sea. We like private yacht charters for their versatility of experience. No matter who is in your party, there is something to satisfy everyone. In one weekend, you and your group will have the opportunity to explore the north coast of the UAE and even take in a rare vantage of the city of Dubai. Whether you are looking for a day charter or a weekend trip, a yacht on the Persian Gulf is nothing short of extraordinary.

Whether you’re planning on attending one or multiple matches of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the opulent city of Doha is a tourist-friendly yet exotic location that inspires. Everything in Doha, from the cuisine to the architecture, oozes elegance and modern appeal.

Departure Locations

Most locations on the northeastern seaboard of the United States can accommodate nonstop flights to Qatar. Our Gulfstream Vs have the range to make flights from Maine, New York, and Massachusetts without refueling. Flights originating on the west coast of the US are expected to be in relatively high demand but will require one stop to make the trip.

The most robust European demand will originate from Madrid, Paris, and Amsterdam. Large cabin airframes are seeing more interest in Europe due to their versatility. To get pricing insights about your departure location, contact your jet broker or contact us directly for available quotes.

Getting Home

A significant concern with Doha, a city that has never hosted an event on the scale of the World Cup, is its ability to handle the resultant traffic flow. Luckily, the two airports serving private charter airframes in Doha are immediately adjacent and efficiently handle large volumes of air traffic in condensed timeframes.

Qatar and its industrial ministries have been diligently preparing for the influx of tourism that will descend upon the city beginning mid-November 2022. We are confident that getting our clients home promptly will pose no logistical issues due to traffic delays.

Additional Information About the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Plenty of resources are available to brokers and clients to ensure the best possible experience at the World Cup. FIFA has game-specific information on its website. There you can find specifics regarding matches in each stadium and a link to apply for a Hayya Card, which you will use to access the game(s) you plan to attend. The UK’s foreign travel website is another good resource to get insights about traveling to Qatar and other countries in the region during the World Cup events.

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