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Are Jet Charter Companies Reliable?

Are Jet Charter Companies Reliable

Recent developments have caused concerns for clients of large charter firms

Membership-based charter companies have been under the microscope recently due to overcommitment, financial mismanagement, and potentially false advertising.

This is not the norm for our industry. It is not normal for clients to get stranded somewhere due to fleet mismanagement or insufficient resources to deliver on promises.

On-demand air travel operators, like any company, should build their business around being able to deliver the product they sell directly or market to brokers worldwide. Our entire business hinges on safety, reliability, and the personal touch. Otherwise, why even bother flying private?

Let’s take a quick look at why responsible on-demand charter companies are a reliable option for air travel.


While certain constraints are associated with agreed-upon departure times, reliable charter operators build in a buffer of time to maximize flexibility to meet the client’s needs.

On the other hand, larger charter companies sometimes incorporate rigid time constraints into their contracts. If you fail to board your aircraft on time, they will proceed without you. This practice proves ineffective and dissuades flight brokers from utilizing their services, even for most large companies.

Smaller charter companies with years of experience and a good track record of performance are often a better bet for clients who need more flexibility with their travel. The good news is that these smaller operators are in ready supply, as recent demand has outpaced the overall growth of the on-demand charter industry.

The key takeaway is this: if you choose a trustworthy broker or directly book with a smaller charter firm, they will not abandon you if you need an extra hour to reach your aircraft.


Even with new competitors entering the marketplace, chartering an aircraft is inherently an exclusive privilege. Operators incur substantial fees associated with things like regulatory compliance, fuel, and handling. While we do what we can to make our product available to a wide audience, chartering a jet is still cost-prohibitive for many.

When you see charter companies offering deals or membership programs that seem too good to be true, it’s likely to be precisely that. When you purchase flight hours with membership programs or receive a quote that appears wildly affordable, be careful to look at the fine print in any contract you sign.

Our entire industry has suffered a reputation hit due to a small number of large companies offering services at a loss so that they can report quarterly revenue to stakeholders. Only later does the picture become clearer when these companies don’t show a profit or timely performance.

However, the chance of running into performance issues is extraordinarily slim when you choose to do business with companies that are run correctly. Luckily for you, that’s most of us.


We like doing business directly with clients when they approach us, but our relationships with the brokers we serve are critical to our business. As a charter client, you expect and deserve a tailored experience in the form of a strong relationship. So you choose a trustworthy broker who knows what you need from your charter operator.

That is why we recommend partnering with a reputable broker if your travel needs tend to vary. Your broker will find the right aircraft at a fair market price far easier than trying to do it yourself.

If you want to take your family from Los Angeles to Milan for a summer vacation, your broker will line up a trip with a reliable operator of long-range jets. If you and a few business associates need to get from New York to Miami to look at a piece of real estate, that same broker will find something smaller and more appropriate for shorter trips.

Our service reflects on the reliability of brokers who put their valued clients onboard our jets. If you call us directly looking for a reliable broker, we will gladly facilitate that connection.

Do you have questions about private charter flights? Contact us today and we’ll personally show you the difference.