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Best Spring Break Destinations

Best Spring Break Destinations

Reserve your airframe now to avoid the madness of the March travel season

Students today are busier than ever, balancing academics, extracurriculars, jobs and internships. What better way to award your Honor Roller with some much-deserved relaxation time?

Wherever you decide to spend Spring Break, there’s no better way to travel than aboard a chartered jet. Call our flight coordinators today, and Global Air Charters will get you where you’re going in style.

While you may already have ideas about a location for the perfect week away, we’ve compiled a list of the three Spring Break destinations that are popular year after year. Spoiler alert: One Florida city made the list, but it wasn’t Daytona Beach. Can you guess Florida’s new favorite Spring Break hot spot?

Cancun, Mexico

Begin your Spring Break by jetting off to the azure waters and white sandy beaches of Cancun, where luxury and natural beauty intertwine. Cancun continues to earn its reputation as a favorite Spring Break destination, offering a perfect blend of high-energy beach parties and serene retreats like the secluded Isla Mujeres.

Whether you’re diving into the vibrant nightlife or exploring ancient Mayan ruins, Cancun delivers an unforgettable Spring Break experience. When you fly by charter jet, you can bypass the commercial hustle, starting your getaway with unmatched privacy and comfort.

Nassau, Bahamas

Consider a charter flight to Nassau, Bahamas, if your ideal Spring Break is more laid back. Global Air Charters flies directly to this idyllic island paradise, where pristine beaches and lush landscapes await.

Dive into your vacation with a snorkeling adventure in the crystal-clear waters, gamble at luxe casinos, or simply lounge on the beach and soak up the sun. Nassau is alive with the pulse of Caribbean culture, from the rhythms of music in the streets to the exquisite Caribbean dishes served by local chefs and street vendors.

If vacation planning isn’t your strong suit, let our friends at Exclusive Vacation Adventures curate the perfect Bahamian itinerary to suit everyone in your traveling party.

Miami Beach, Florida

Did you guess our number one Spring Break destination? It may be no surprise that winter-weary students from across the United States and Europe still flock to Florida each spring. Miami Beach serves up the perfect blend of beachside fun in the sun and a world-class nightlife scene.

By day, the white-sand beaches come alive with sun-seekers and fun-seekers. At night, South Beach transforms into a cosmopolitan playground with exclusive bars, restaurants, and nightclubs where celebrities, athletes, and college students mix and mingle.

While Miami Beach may not be the best choice for frazzled students searching for quiet rest and relaxation, it is the ideal spot for frolicking in the sun by day before dancing the night away.

Spring into Fun with Global Air Charters

When it’s time for Spring Break, why waste hours or days dealing with the hassles of commercial air travel, which only get worse during peak travel times? Endless airport lines, flight delays and cancellations, and oversold, overcrowded airplanes can all ruin your vacation before it even starts.

Avoid the hassle of commercial flights and let Global Air Charters fly you and your entourage to your Spring Break destination on your schedule. Call us today to start planning the best Spring Break of your life!

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