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Business Aviation: Understanding the Advantage of Private Charter

Private air travel doesn’t always require a company fleet of aircraft.

Any organization that requires decision making personnel to travel a significant amount should give some serious thought as to how much value exists within executive transportation solutions like private air travel. How businesses approach their respective air travel needs depends on factors like: scale, global presence, annual revenue, growth potential and strategic partnerships abroad. Certain businesses with prolific international presence and strong annual revenues choose to assemble their own fleet of long range private jets while others make use of scheduled passenger service to keep costs low. Private air travel doesn’t work for every organization, or it might not be the right time to make the switch, but for many it is a boon to business growth in locations both at home and abroad. Private air travel for corporate needs is attainable even for small businesses with limited discretionary capital and a growth agenda. In this article, we will highlight some of the key features of private charter that make it the ideal boost to your business travel solution.

Time Efficiency of Private Charter

Things can happen fast in the world of business which is obvious to those who are involved in it on a regular basis. Deals between firms can move forward just as quickly as they can fizzle out of existence. Business meetings in distant cities can be planned within days and can be rescheduled or relocated even faster. Private air travel is the means by which high value individuals and leadership teams make efficient use of their limited and valuable time. With no preset departure schedules or hours spent waiting to clear airport security, time is on the side of those who choose on-demand private charter for business. Businesses that choose to partner with on-demand charter operators experience operational efficiency also. Outsourcing private air travel to a reliable and time-proven charter operation saves on jet ownership and maintenance costs and infrastructure expenses. Businesses that choose to use private charter experience greater control of their company travel time and significant cost savings over an in-house flight department.

Impression Management

Few things communicate “staying power” like corporate private air travel. If your firm needs to transport key management personnel to another city in a timely fashion, a chartered jet not only meets that tactical requirement, but it also communicates a message of importance to your valuable team. This is a less tangible consideration, but a valid one nonetheless. Competition for highly skilled business professionals is fierce. Going the extra mile to charter a jet for company personnel creates a lasting impression of confidence on your key players who are worth retaining for the long haul. Outstanding first impressions are easy to make by chartering a jet for business travel and help set the tone with clients and business partners as well. It comes back to the idea of communicating a message of “staying power” and the potential for future business endeavors.

Capital Efficiency of Private Charter

Chartering large cabin jets that are capable of seating 13 to 16 people is a smart way to maximize the advantages already discussed while getting the absolute most value out of each flight hour. Businesses that choose to partner with a jet broker or directly with an operator realize significant cost savings that are gained from reduced travel time and bypassing direct aircraft ownership entirely. Direct aircraft ownership is a massive expense that even the most financially healthy corporations should approach with caution and eyes open as to the layers of schedule planning, infrastructure, and maintenance costs associated with it. Companies that choose private charter for corporate travel get to pick when, where and how they fly. All it takes is one phone call to get the ball rolling.

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