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Cabin Attendant Training

Cabin Attendant Training: Small Details Make a Big Difference

At Global Air Charters, we pride ourselves on offering an industry-leading back-of-jet experience. In October, our crew completed an exciting week of training in Orlando, Florida, with an eye on continually improving our standards in all customer service areas.

Cabin Attendant Training HED

It’s not often all our cabin attendants are in the same place together. Making it an excellent chance for everyone to level up their skills and bond as a team. During our opening night dinner, the crew had the opportunity to mingle with our sales staff and have conversations about aligning on and exceeding customer expectations. The seafood at Eddie V’s was spectacular.

Emergency Skills and Protocols

The following two days focused on training with Aircare FACTS to develop our emergency skills and protocols. Our crew learned the warning signs of hypoxia and how to address them. Practiced with the fire extinguisher during the live fire and smoke drills. And learning more about what to do in case of emergencies like decompression and mechanical issues. The crew gained their CPR and AED certifications through the American Heart Association’s HeartSaver CPR AED course.

Cabin Attendant Training in pool

We also spent time at the pool conducting water emergency drills. Learning how rafts operate and discussing the tools and protocols to help passengers in a water landing. We want our cabin crew trained for every eventuality.

We were thrilled to host Jamie Gibson of Flightess for our final day of service training, Jamie is nationally recognized as an industry leader in inflight hospitality, and our crew was delighted at the opportunity to pick up tips and tricks for elevating our service standards.

The Extra Touch

We discussed plating food, cocktail presentation, and proper serving techniques. We made delicious plates of scrambled eggs, plus lobster with risotto (it’s incredible what’s possible to achieve in a small galley kitchen!). These extra touches will make a massive difference to our inflight experience.

Thus, our week of training ended with a scavenger hunt around Orlando. Our crew had a blast after an intense week of training. Further, it strengthened their relationships, helping team members get to know each other personally and learn how to troubleshoot together.

We’d like to thank our entire cabin crew and our training partners for their hard work and dedication during this week of training. We look forward to making these weeks a regular piece of our overall training at GAC.

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