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Chicago To Las Vegas: The Best Way To Close Out Summer

Las Vegas strip at night

As demand for Las Vegas continues to see steady growth into the late summer and early fall months, we encourage brokers to book early

This summer’s travel demand in and out of Las Vegas has been comfortably steady, rivaling where it was before COVID-19 shut down travel in the United States. We are, however, at our busiest point of the year for international trips. Our fleet has been spending a good portion of the summer traversing the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. As our airframes frequently end up in places like New York and Chicago after international trips, there are numerous opportunities for clients to take advantage of a Chicago to Las Vegas getaway.

Chicago to Las Vegas, Fall 2022

Most summer charters to Las Vegas are already booked solid, so the best opportunities to charter a private jet from Chicago to Las Vegas are beginning in early September. As always, the best thing to do is talk with your broker or call us directly to find out if we will have a jet available for your desired date.

Regarding shorter flights like Chicago to Las Vegas, we have great success with company outings, vacations, and birthday parties. If you want to wow your friends, impress your leadership team, or treat yourself to one of life’s best experiences, then chartering a jet this fall will certainly do the trick.

Departing Chicago

Our flexibility allows us to pick you up at almost any available airport in the Chicago metropolitan area. If you want to fly out of O’Hare, that’s easy. If Midway suits you better, that is no problem whatsoever. Another option is Chicago Executive Airport (KPWK) on the north side of town. We can work with your broker to find the most suitable option for any of these or smaller airports in between. We thrive on being as flexible as possible regarding your chosen departure location and time slot.

Arriving in Las Vegas

By design, the Las Vegas International Airport is easy to get into. Signature FBO is our favorite executive terminal, located on the airport’s west side. Arranging transport from Signature to your hotel or wherever you might be staying in Las Vegas is just as easy. For brokers, we encourage scheduling their clients an executive transport service ahead of time for a seamless transition from the airstairs right to the car. Most executive transport services know how to get the vehicle planeside for the most efficient pickup. Once you’re on your way from the airport, the beautiful city of Las Vegas will be waiting for you.

Do you have questions about private charter flights? Contact us today and we’ll personally show you the difference.