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Chicago to Los Angeles is Perfect
for Your First Private Jet Charter

Chicago to LA palm trees

Here’s our beginner’s guide to private charters as we fly a Gulfstream from Chicago to Los Angeles

The private jet charter industry is a niche market experiencing explosive growth due to the inefficiencies, cancellations, and lack of service among major airlines worldwide.

Private jet brokers and charter operators thrive because we collectively create enjoyable, streamlined passenger experiences. If you want to know why our clients love our service, look below as we fly from Chicago to Los Angeles.

Finding a Broker

Private jet brokers are industry specialists; more importantly, their work involves getting to know you as a client. Building a relationship with a broker is free of charge and leads to the best possible experience when you book your flight.

Chicago has many options suitable for departure, and your broker will help you pick the right location. Brokers take many factors into consideration when helping you pick the airports you use for travel, including:

  • Services available at airports. Such as ground transportation, fuel availability (not all airports have fuel available), and passenger lounges are all important considerations.
  • Distance from home. It is nice to board your jet 20 minutes from home rather than driving one hour to O’Hare to meet your airplane.
  • Catering delivery. You can bring any food you like on the airplane! Some airports are difficult for delivery services to access, however.

While we always recommend establishing a relationship with a trusted broker, you can also book flights directly with charter operators. Most charter companies have staff dedicated to logistics, catering, and personal requests.

Welcome Aboard

Goodbye, jet bridges! If you have a driver, they can pull the car up to the airplane; there is no security screening or hassle. Your flight crew will be waiting at the bottom of the airstairs to greet you as you board your airframe (this is a great chance for a photo op, by the way.)

Line service staff at the airport will assist the flight crew with gently loading your luggage into the cargo hold. Any bags you wish to keep in the passenger cabin should be set aside from the larger bags destined for the cargo hold.

Beverages and snacks are available right away as you step onto the airframe. Once bags are loaded, you will hear a briefing from one of your pilots regarding flight safety. As well as the expected conditions en route and the expected flight time. After that, stay home and get comfortable in your living room in the sky.

We’ve Reached Our Cruise Altitude

So long as there is no concern of turbulence, you are free to move about the cabin at will once we ascend above 10,000 feet. On one of our Gulfstream airframes, your flight time from Chicago to Los Angeles will be approximately three hours. We fly higher than commercial airliners by many thousands of feet, and as a result, we fly faster, burn less fuel, and avoid turbulence with much greater success.

Enjoy inflight Wi-Fi, cocktails, and delicious food as you glide through the air at 500 mph! If you’re traveling with children who want to visit the flight deck and meet the pilots, you can head upfront with them for pictures. Our flight crews love having kids come up to say hello.

Welcome to Los Angeles

Much like your departure location, your broker will help you find the perfect arrival airport in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Los Angeles offers numerous airports you can choose from to minimize hassle. Arranging transportation to take you where you need to go in L.A. is usually handled beforehand.

Your pilots will also call ahead to the airport about 20 minutes before landing. Ensuring ground support will be ready to assist with baggage and transport. After your group leaves the airplane, flight crews will do a walkthrough to ensure no personal belongings are left behind.

The Private Jet Advantage

When chartering a private jet, things happen on your schedule. The flexibility and hassle-free experience of chartering a Gulfstream from Chicago to Los Angeles are lightyears beyond a business-class experience with any major commercial air carrier. We love delivering exceptional client experiences aboard our airframes.

Curious about your costs for a private charter flight? Enter the route and instantly receive an estimate with our Flight Calculator.