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Coors Field

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Visit a Mile-High Piece of Baseball History

In April 1992, construction began on the National League’s first baseball-only stadium since the 1960s. Today, Coors Field is nestled in the heart of Denver’s bustling downtown area, contributing to and benefiting from the city’s growth and economic vitality over the last three decades.

As the beloved home of the Colorado Rockies, Coors Field hosts some of baseball’s most exciting games. The stadium is also a favorite stop for many of the country’s top hip-hop, rock, pop, and country music performers, making Denver’s summer season an exciting time as games and concerts take center stage.

Baseball season ends in October, so get your tickets and contact your flight broker today to schedule your charter flight to Denver’s iconic Coors Field.

Building Anticipation

Coors Field opened its gates on April 26th, 1995, and Rockies fans were thrilled finally to have a home of their own after two seasons playing at the Denver Broncos’ Mile High Stadium. Coors Field boasts modern amenities and set new standards that have since been emulated at several baseball venues nationwide.

Elevating the Game

Coors Field sits at an impressive 5,280 ft above sea level. The stadium proudly proclaims itself the highest MLB ballpark in the United States, which has serious implications for the game, as baseballs travel farther and faster than they do at lower elevations. Coors Field is a paradise for fans who revel in the excitement of home runs and nail-biting action.

Classic Architecture Meets Modern Design

Coors Field’s architecture seamlessly blends classic and contemporary elements, giving the stadium a timeless appeal. The red brick exterior evokes nostalgia for the golden era of baseball and pays homage to classic ballparks that continue to fascinate generations of baseball fans. Once inside, however, visitors encounter modern amenities and facilities designed to ensure a fun time for all.

The View From the Top

Coors Field boasts 63 suites and more than 4,500 club seats, but some of the best seats in the house are available to everyone. Fans enjoy a view of the Rocky Mountains from the upper deck sets with the stunning panorama of snow-capped peaks against clear blue sky, creating a breathtaking backdrop for America’s favorite pastime.

Dinger and the Rockpile

Dinger, the Rockies’ mascot, gets its name from a surprise during construction. Shortly after breaking ground, workers discovered a small trove of dinosaur fossils, inspiring the creation of Dinger the Triceratops.

The “Rockpile” section embodies the spirit of this unique history, offering entrants a fun and affordable spot to see the game. Situated in the outfield, this standing-room-only experience is accessible to everyone, making it a favorite spot for local fanatics. Be sure to stroll through the Rockpile when you visit Coors Field.

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Summer is a great time to visit Denver, with moderate temperatures, low humidity, and infrequent rainfall, ensuring plenty of opportunities for outdoor fun. Catch a game at Coors Field this summer to enjoy the breathtaking view and the high-scoring excitement of high-elevation baseball. Get in touch with us today to schedule your charter flight to Denver this summer.

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