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Empty Legs Autumn Update

Empty Legs Fall Update

Take Advantage of the Season’s Most Popular Routes to Plan Your Fall Getaway

The autumn season brings changes in travel habits. This means new routes begin to appear as Empty Legs and are available to savvy travelers at a discount.

Based on our years of service, we can somewhat anticipate the cyclical travel trends that will produce Empty Legs in each season. Here are some trends to keep in mind for fall as you plan your autumnal getaways.

Remember, it’s the destination that matters. If you are not in the departure city, but you are somewhere generally in the flight path between the two cities, these Empty Leg flights can be diverted to you. (Read more FAQs about Empty Legs).

Europe to the United States (and then Vice Versa)

We field late-season tourist and business traffic to Europe, leaving our airframes in many of the continent’s major airport hubs waiting for a customer back to the States.

Current as of July 31:

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Aug 21 Milan, Italy Farmingdale, NY
Aug 24 Rome, Italy Teterboro, NJ
Sept 4 Houston, TX Rome, Italy
Sept 19 Pisa, Italy Teterboro, NJ
Oct 4 Lisbon, Portugal San Antonio, TX
Oct 16 Budapest, Hungary Teterboro, NJ

We expect to see more Empty Legs from cities like London, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Milan, and Athens become available in the fall.

Common arrival airfields in the U.S. include Teterboro, NJ (serving New York City); White Plains, NY; Kansas City, MO; Fort Worth, TX; Charleston, SC; and Miami, FL.

Later in the fall, we bring vacationers back from Europe to the United States. This often leaves our airframes scheduled to go back to Europe in October and November with no customers. American travelers can book these transatlantic flights to see Europe long after the tourist crowds have departed.

Short Commuter Flights

Regional business traffic is hot this time of year. Finding an Empty Leg that suits your business needs can save your C-suite several hours of travel time.

Current as of July 31:

Aug 5 Saint Paul, MN Traverse City, MI
Aug 10 Van Nuys, CA Denver, CO
Aug 14 Allentown, PA Fayetteville, AK
Aug 14 Driggs, ID Salt Lake City, UT
Aug 18 Washington, DC Chicago, IL
Aug 19 Dothan, AL West Palm Beach, FL
Aug 21 Salt Lake City, UT Houston, TX
Aug 27 South Bend, IN Toronto, ON
Sep 4 Pontiac, MI Baltimore, MD
Sep 7 Denver, CO North Bend, OR
Sep 10 Providence, RI Albany, NY
Sep 11 Baltimore, MD Teterboro, NJ

Winter Caribbean Trips

It’s not too early to start thinking about Christmas and New Year’s travel to the islands. Our clients have already begun reserving airframes, which means we are starting to generate Empty Legs to and from some of our most popular Caribbean destinations.

Current as of July 31:

Nov 19 Nassau, Bahamas St. Augustine, FL
Nov 26 St. Augustine, FL Nassau, Bahamas
Dec 22 San Juan, PR Teterboro, NJ
Dec 26 Turks and Caicos Teterboro, NJ
Dec 26 San Juan, PR Teterboro, NJ
Dec 28 Grenada Charleston, SC
Jan 3 Charleston, SC Grenada

More of these Caribbean routes are likely to be added as we get closer to the holidays. Sign up for our email updates and you’ll stay current on these opportunities.

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