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Empty Legs Summer Update

Empty Legs Private Jet - Beachfront Image with buildings and Hotels

As we enter peak travel season, opportunities abound to find discounted one-way flights

April is historically the beginning of peak demand season in the private jet charter business. The spring thaw brings an uptick in vacation travel. At the same time, many companies and industries plan conferences and all-hands meetings at the beginning of a new fiscal year.

Clients often book their early summer travel without as much advance notice as they would for winter holidays they have been planning for months. These last-minute trips leave operators with empty legs when they must transport an airframe to another city to pick up their next passenger.

Empty Leg Updates

Every week, sometimes several times a week, Global Air Charters updates our list of currently available empty leg flights on our website. We also post notices about the most imminent flights on Instagram Stories and email our subscriber list with all the available flights.

Those are the best ways to stay up-to-date with our most current empty leg offerings (also see our Empty Leg page for a list of Frequently Asked Questions about these flights).

Our empty legs are bound for many different destinations, but a few trends reoccur in early summer each year. Here are two common routes you’re likely to see in empty legs in the coming months:

Return Flights from Europe

In the early summer, we often have clients charter a one-way flight to Europe for extended holidays. That leaves our airframes looking for passengers to come back stateside.

In May and June, expect to see our fleet of Gulfstream airframes stopping at several European aviation hubs. The window for return flights often lasts several days, giving our European customers plenty of flexibility for their trip to the U.S.

Teterboro Airport is a typical arrival point for flights from Europe. We think it’s the most convenient airfield for customers in New York City.

April 24–May 1 — Amsterdam (EHAM) to Teterboro (KTEB)
April 24–May 2: — Perugia (LIRZ) to Teterboro (KTEB)
June 5–9: — Amsterdam (EHAM) to Teterboro (KTEB)
June 9–13: — London (EGSS) to Teterboro (KTEB)
July 1–5: — Amsterdam (EHAM) to Teterboro (KTEB)
July 8–12: — Lisbon (LPPT) to Teterboro (KTEB)

(Flight listings current as of April 5, 2023)

Flights to the Caribbean and Mexico

When the winter crowds start leaving the tropical destinations in the Northern Hemisphere, we need to send airframes to bring them home.

Take advantage by snapping up one of these flights to the islands or Mexico. There will be fewer tourists in the area once you arrive, and you’ll have your pick of accommodations since the busiest season has passed.

April 10–15: — Tampa (KTPA) to San Juan, PR (TJSJ)
April 12–14: — White Plains, NY (KHPN) to Nassau, Bahamas (MYNN)
June 6–8: — San Antonio (KSAT) to Cancún (MMUM)

(Flight listings current as of April 5, 2023)

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