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Empty Legs To The Caribbean

Caribbean Coastline

Caribbean Sea – January and February are prime times for discounted flights to the West Indies.

One of the most frequently asked questions about our empty legs flights is, “Where do they go?” Usually, it’s hard to predict. Empty legs often result from a customer booking a one-way journey with short notice and then us transporting that airframe to another city to pick up our next passengers.

Thus, it’s often difficult to say when and where the next empty leg will arise. To keep our customers abreast of the most imminent flights, we post empty legs on our website and Instagram stories and update them frequently (often several times per week).

However, a few empty-leg trends reoccur every year, beginning in January and February, when we continually fly one-way journeys to various Caribbean islands. If you keep an eye on our updates over the next few weeks, you will almost assuredly see opportunities to book a discounted arrival or departure flight for one of these locales:

San Juan, Puerto Rico (TJSJ)

For a cultural experience near the Caribbean Sea, it’s hard to do better than in Puerto Rico. The island is not known as much for its beaches (although there are some good ones), but its natural beauty is remarkable, and its grab-life-by-the-horns attitude is infectious. While in Old San Juan, drink cocktails at La Factoria, have brunch at La Carreta, and tour the old Spanish forts on either side of the old city. You should also rent a car and explore the rest of the island — hike in El Yunque National Forest and drive up the pork highway for some incredible lechon asado.

Nassau, Bahamas (MYNN)

The capital of the Bahamas is somewhat more sedate in the early months of the year before spring breakers arrive. Use this window for leisurely strolls on Bay Street, where luxury brand stores comingle with pubs and art galleries. The Nassau Straw Market is internationally famous for its handcrafted goods. Tour historic Fort Charlotte, eat conch, and explore the Nassau Public Library and Museum.

Antigua (TAPA)

Antigua is rich in culture and history, with many landmarks and natural wonders to seek out. St. John’s, the capital of Antigua, is a vibrant, colorful town full of terrific shopping and dining. Visit Nelson’s Dockyard, once the home of the British Royal Navy and now a UNESCO World Heritage site. And tour Devil’s Bridge National Park to see stunning limestone formations by the seaside.

Providenciales, Turks and Caicos (MBPV)

We love Providenciales for a week of laying on the beach and doing nothing else. Grace Bay Beach is one of the finest in the world. A gentle three-mile crescent of white sand protected by one of the world’s most extensive barrier reefs. You can take a rescue puppy out for a fun day on the sand. Book a snorkel tour between the island and Middle Caicos to see the reef in all its splendor. Or eat conch fritters (at, where else, Da Conch Shack), and stop at the Turk’s Head Brewery for a pint of lager.

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