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Europe in September 2019

September is the Perfect Time to Visit Europe

Many people go back to work or school in September, which makes it the perfect time for a vacation. If crowds and heat deter you from visiting Europe in the summer, going in September is a great solution. In other words, the busy season in Europe ends as September begins, meaning there are fewer crowds and better weather. Therefore, a September European city break will be tranquil and rewarding, just what the doctor ordered.

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Venice, Italy for the Regata Storica

September 1
The Regata Storica is a tradition held dearly by the Venetians every first Sunday of September. This is a two-part event consisting of a historical boat parade and then followed by a series of rowing races. The tradition first began in 1841 as an annual boat race on the Canal Grande, where the best gondoliers show off their skills. During the Regata Storica today, thousands of boats of all types gather in St. Mark’s Bay to participate in the most popular race of the event, the gondolini regatta.

Budapest, Hungary for the Wine Festival

September 5 – September 8
The Budapest International Wine Festival is dedicated to world-renown Hungarian wines. However, the festival is for everyone, not just wine lovers. In addition to the wine, people interested in gastronomy, local traditions, and cultural programs find the festival wonderful as well. Held on the grounds of the breathtaking Buda Castle, with views over the city, the festival quickly seduces participants with its unique historical setting. The International Wine Festival has become a prestigious event on Hungary’s cultural agenda due to its expansive program.

The festival includes wine auctions, artistic performances, and live folk music. Discover the art of winemaking while sampling Hungarian wines and culinary delicacies. Check out the Harvest Procession to the Buda Castle on the first day of the festival. In addition to the festival, check out the famous thermal baths of Budapest, the amazing Gothic architecture of the Parliament, and the numerous historical and cultural sights that the Hungarian capitol has to offer.

Barcelona, Spain for the Festes de la Merce

September 20 – September 24
holiday since 1871. La Mercè is a five day long lively street party featuring hundreds of events centered on Catalan culture and heritage. During this street party, there are live music shows and parades to keep the atmosphere animated at every moment. Need more to see in Barcelona? Tour the city’s amazing architectural works of Gaudi to beaches and flamenco bars.

Galway, Ireland for the International Oyster Festival

September 27
The Galway International Oyster and Seafood Festival is the second most famous Irish festival after St. Patrick’s Day. As one of the longest-running food festivals on the continent, this festival welcomes visitors with a variety of events. For example, there’s oyster opening championships, oyster-eating competitions, cooking demonstrations, cooking contests, culinary tours, and food tasting in some of the finest restaurants in the city. The number of participants who seem to love the combination of oysters and champagne grows every year. Explore Ireland’s most artistic city while eating at traditional Irish pubs and listening to folk music.

Munich, Germany for the Oktoberfest

September 21 – October 6
Oktoberfest is a legendary folk festival in Munich where millions of visitors flock for the largest celebration of beer in the world. Despite the name, the festival starts in September. The festival takes place in a meadow outside of the city center. Massive tents are set up to accommodate the crowds. During the festival, accompany your beer with traditional grilled sausages and giant pretzels. In addition to all of the eating and drinking, there is plenty of dancing and singing involved as well. The festival features bustling parades of carriages and people dressed in traditional Bavarian costumes, live fold music, and fairground rides. Need more reasons to get to Munich? The city is popular on its own. For example, Munich is brimming with attractions including museums, art galleries, architectural gems, and nightlife.

In short, Europe in September is the perfect time to visit.

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