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Flights to Belgium

Flights to Belgium

Become Enchanted by the Beating Heart of Western Europe

Belgium is the modern administrative center of the European Union and an ancient kingdom that’s been at the center of European culture for centuries. This hub of cultural, culinary, and architectural wonders is especially glorious during the fall season, enhanced by golden-hued landscapes, cooler temperatures, and smaller off-season crowds.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a foodie, or simply want to explore some picturesque medieval cities, Belgium offers something for every traveler. We’ve put together a brief travel guide for first-time visitors to Belgium, but even seasoned travelers may find it helpful. Contact us today and we’ll arrange your flight to this extraordinary country.

Reasons You’ll Fall in Love with Belgium

We often recommend Belgium as the ideal destination for a first trip to Europe. Belgium combines everything wonderful about Europe into one nation, offering endless surprises to first-time visitors and savvy travelers alike.

Belgium is home to an extraordinary cultural history on display in its grand cathedrals, medieval towns, and world-class museums. The country is known for chocolates, waffles, and over 1,600 varieties of beer. Its architecture is stunning, from modern structures like the Atomium to historical marvels like                   Gravensteen Castle.

Getting Around: Rental Cars, Public Transportation, and More

Visitors from the U.S. may be surprised by the transportation choices they find in Belgium. We recommend that you skip the rental car and take advantage of the other transportation options available in Belgium’s modern cities.

Belgium’s trains, trams, and buses connect major cities and tourist spots, and ride-share services like Uber and Lyft will get you to the more secluded spots on your agenda.

Bicycles are a popular way to navigate the scenic streets, especially in cities like Ghent and Bruges. Many neighborhoods have free public bikes, and you can always rent a bike for a day or a week for just a few euros.

Brussels: Belgium’s Vibrant Capital

Brussels, the political heart of Europe, offers an exciting blend of tradition and modernity. Its key attractions include the Grand Place, a stunning square surrounded by opulent guildhalls, and the Manneken Pis, an iconic statue that speaks to the whimsical Belgian sense of humor.

Explore the beginnings of modern European art at the Magritte Museum or delve into history at the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces. Then have a beer and sausages at the Poechenellekelder before wandering down the lane to find some traditional Belgian chocolates.

Ghent: A Historical Treasure

Ghent offers a look into Belgium’s past with its remarkably preserved medieval architecture. A tour of Gravensteen Castle is a must-do. This 12th-century fortress offers stunning views of the city center. And don’t miss St. Bavo’s Cathedral, home to the famous Ghent Altarpiece.

Ghent is a bike-friendly city, making cycling a wonderful way to explore. It’s a particularly beautiful city at night — a walking tour of illuminated buildings is a perfect way to end a romantic evening.

Bruges: A Romantic Getaway

Bruges is a fairytale setting known for its canals and cobblestone streets. Canal tours are a popular way to capture the essence of Bruges. The Market Square is the heart of Bruges (climb the Belfry for panoramic views) and the Burg Square features Bruges’ imposing Gothic town hall.

Visit the Groeninge Museum for its renowned collection of Flemish art and the Gruuthuse Museum for a look into Bruges’ storied past.

Make Your Journey to Belgium as Memorable as Your Destination

Fall is among the best times of the year to experience all that Belgium has to offer, and flying to Belgium by charter jet is the ideal way to travel in style and comfort. Contact Global Air Charters today to reserve your charter to Belgium.

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