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Flights to Barranquilla

Flights to Barranquilla

Trade Winter for Summer in Colombia’s Most Vibrant City

The Colombian city of Barranquilla may be best known worldwide as the birthplace of pop superstar Shakira, but lucky locals and savvy travelers know it as one of the world’s most interesting and beautiful cities.

The capital of Colombia’s Atlántico Department, Barranquilla is a city that buzzes and hums with music and fun, where the sun cascades over glittering coastal beaches, and the spirit of Carnaval permeates the culture.

Barranquilla’s winter is like our spring, where the temperatures reach the 80s, the days are filled with sunshine, and the evenings cool off for perfect sleeping weather. If you’re looking for the ideal winter getaway, we can’t recommend this Colombian jewel highly enough.

Our flight coordinators can help arrange your journey to Barranquilla at any time. If it helps you decide, here’s a list of our favorite things to experience on your trip to Barranquilla.

Stroll Through the Romantic Barrio El Prado

Winter in Barranquilla brings a gentle glow to the historic neighborhood of El Prado. With sprawling trees lining the streets and colonial mansions telling tales of a bygone era, El Prado is a patchwork of architectural marvels.

Relish the mild temperatures and immerse yourself in the neighborhood’s old-world charm, studded with boutiques, classic eateries, and quaint cafes. Enjoy a taste of Colombian Caribbean cuisine at La Cabaña, or stop for fresh Colombian coffee and a slice of cheesecake at Amaria Reposteria. The neighborhood’s colonial balconies, bathed in the golden hue of winter afternoons, form an idyllic backdrop for photographs.

Savor Coastal Delights in the Barranquilla Streets

As evening envelops Barranquilla, the streets come to life with food vendors, tantalizing your taste buds with street-side gastronomy. The gentle chill of winter makes it a joy to indulge in local delicacies. Relish arepas de huevo, a crispy corn cake encasing a soft, runny egg, and bite into the flavorful butifarras, a regional sausage loved by all. Quench your thirst with raspaos, a refreshing blend of shaved ice drizzled with tropical syrups. Each bite reveals the authentic flavors of Barranquilla’s coastal legacy.

Zoológico de Barranquilla

No visit to Barranquilla is complete without a trip to its famous zoo. The Zoológico de Barranquilla is not just a haven for over 140 animal species but also a testament to the city’s commitment to conservation. December’s pleasant weather means the animals are active and in high spirits. From the majestic jaguar to the playful squirrel monkeys, this zoo offers an opportunity to get up close with the region’s fauna.

Carnaval de Barranquilla

While Barranquilla is globally recognized for its annual carnival held in February, the spirit of the event is palpable throughout the year at the Casa del Carnaval (the “Carnival House”), a museum celebrating the traditions of Carnaval throughout the years. Visiting in December and January means fewer crowds, offering you an intimate glimpse into the carnival’s history, its cultural significance, and the vibrant costumes that define it.

Dive deep into workshops, exhibitions, and interactive displays that tell tales of the city’s most celebrated event. If you’re visiting in February, rest up before diving into the festivities, as Carnaval de Barranquilla is one of the world’s largest celebrations of its kind. The 2024 Carnaval de Barranquilla runs from Saturday, February 10, through Tuesday, February 13. If you do Carnaval right, you won’t get much sleep that weekend, so be sure to take your vitamins and drink lots of water.

Leave Winter Behind in Barranquilla

In case you hadn’t noticed, we managed to get through this article without mentioning the nearby beaches or other aspects of Barranquilla’s extraordinary natural beauty. Sure, if you’re just looking for a tropical getaway this winter, you have plenty of options. But if you want something more, something that adds a dash of after-dark excitement and Latin American cultural flair to your days spent lounging on the beach, try Barranquilla.

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