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Flights to Bermuda

Flights to Bermuda

Winter is closer than you think, but so is this island paradise

“Winter vacation” may conjure images of snow-clad landscapes, icy temperatures, and cozy lounging by the fireplace. For most cities in the eastern United States, however, there’s another option for winter vacations only a two-hour flight away — lounging on the beach in beautiful Bermuda.

There are myriad reasons to visit this stunning pearl of the Atlantic, but the best is the combination of warm weather and sandy beaches so close to home. Contact us today for information about arranging your winter getaway to Bermuda.

Bask in Bermuda’s Warm Winter Weather

As the temperatures plummet throughout much of the United States, Bermuda experiences a relatively modest dip. Daytime temperatures hover in the mid-to-high 70s, while nighttime gets cool enough for a light sweater. Leave the heavy winter coats at home and trade them for sandals, shorts, and sundresses.

Enjoy Your Flight

Bermuda is a hop, skip, and jump away from most cities along the U.S. Atlantic and Gulf coasts, making it the ideal destination for a spontaneous winter getaway. Contact your flight broker or call Global Air Charters to fly in comfort and style. We’ll travel on your itinerary, and you’ll avoid the hassles of commercial air travel.

Dive into the World’s Shipwreck Capital

More than 300 shipwrecks lie beneath the waters surrounding Bermuda, making it a diver’s paradise for experts and novices alike. For centuries, Spanish, British, Portuguese, Dutch, and French trading ships cruised these shallow, reef-laden waters in times of war and peace, leaving much of the seabed littered with sunken ships. Dive these wrecks for yourself and peer back through centuries of maritime history.

Leave the Driving to Them

First-time visitors are often surprised to discover that tourists cannot rent cars in Bermuda. To maintain the small island’s natural beauty and colonial charm, Bermuda officials limit tourists to traveling by taxi, bus, or scooter.

It’s worth noting, however, that wherever you are on the island of Bermuda, you’re never more than a mile or so from the nearest beach. Embrace the opportunity to leave the traffic jams behind when you visit Bermuda this winter.

Explore Crystal Caves and Pink-Sand Beaches

Bermuda boasts a wealth of enchanting natural wonders. The beaches are gilded with iconic pink sand, resulting from crushed coral and shells mingling with fine minerals to create the sparkling, rosy hue.

Beneath the island, the Crystal Caves shimmer with glittering limestone stalactites and clear blue pools, revealing an underground realm of wonder. Bermuda’s grottoes, formed by erosion and the crushing forces of the Atlantic waves, provide secluded spots for tranquil reflection or private, romantic moments.

Beyond the edges of the scintillating pink beaches, coral reefs encircle most of the island. Bermuda’s coral reefs are entire underwater ecosystems teeming with aquatic life. These reefs also serve as natural barriers, protecting the island from storms and contributing to its world-renowned turquoise waters.

Experience Bermuda’s Colonial History in St. George

If you can tear yourself away from the beach on your Bermuda vacation, visit the extraordinary town of St. George on the island’s northeastern edge. Step back in time to the 1600s to wander St. George’s cobblestone streets and marvel at the meticulously maintained architecture of its colonial past.

Dive into the town’s vibrant history as you explore ancient forts, engage with local storytellers and artisans, and visit shops and museums. Cap off your day with an early seaside dinner at one of St. George’s charming cafes or enjoy a glass of wine as you watch the sunset over the island.

Bermuda Awaits This Winter

Whether you plan your trip to Bermuda months or opt for a spontaneous, last-minute getaway this winter, Global Air Charters will accommodate your itinerary. Call your flight broker today to arrange your charter flight to Bermuda this winter.

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