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Flights To Cairo

Flights to Cairo - Pyramids of Giza - Giza river bank

Many of Egypt’s cultural sites and historic traditions remain intact after more than 5,000 years

Egypt is an ancient country, and Egyptian culture is older than recorded history. That’s why it’s remarkable to see the hallmarks of its heritage so well-preserved in the modern day.

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Welcome to Cairo

The capital city of Cairo is an ideal destination for travelers wishing to experience Egypt’s vibrant culture and its historical sites and landmarks.

First-time visitors to Egypt should know that haggling over price is part of any commercial interaction, from ordering food to scheduling a guided tour. Tipping is expected for most transactions. Egyptians are often assertive about haggling or asking for tips but also hospitable and reasonable. Match their assertiveness with your own confidence and determination. You can negotiate a fair price for almost anything.

The dollar is strong in Egypt, and accommodations are relatively inexpensive. Just remember that haggling and tipping are baked into every transaction, so it’s best to agree on a specific price for everything upfront. Visitors to Egypt who embrace these cultural traditions often find that haggling and negotiating add a layer of fun to the experience of exploring this ancient land.

Driving in Cairo is always challenging, especially for people unfamiliar with the city’s lack of lane markings, road signs, and traffic lights. Rather than renting a car, consider hiring a guide and using Uber and other rideshares. This also minimizes the need for haggling over the costs of individual destinations, activities, and accommodations, as your guide will help you navigate every venture.

Pyramids and More

No Egyptian excursion would be complete without a visit to the Giza Pyramid Complex on the outskirts of Cairo. Seasoned travelers strongly recommend a guided tour, as experienced guides know how to handle Cairo’s traffic and can help you bypass many of the site’s lines and checkpoints.

The Pyramid Complex is home to the Great Pyramid of Khufu, the Pyramid of Khafre, the Pyramid of Menkaure, The Great Sphinx, and many smaller tombs and buildings. There’s a reason so many people visit the Egyptian Pyramids each year — there is no other experience quite like it in the world.

Book a sunset boat cruise on the Nile River for a different perspective of Giza. Stand on the deck as night falls and watch the dwindling sunlight illuminate the pyramids in a beautiful, golden-red glow. Many boat tours also serve food and drink, making it one of the best ways to spend an afternoon and evening in Cairo.

The St. Simon Monastery may be less famous than the Pyramids, but it is just as astonishing. This Coptic church is carved into the Mokattam Mountain in southeast Cairo and was built to accommodate tens of thousands of worshippers. Not only is the church itself remarkable, but it also affords breathtaking views of Cairo and the surrounding geography.

After sightseeing, venture to one of Cairo’s bustling bazaars. These open-air markets are a great way to experience the vibrant Egyptian culture. Traditional music, food, clothing, jewelry, and artwork are all available. With a bit of haggling and patience, you might find the perfect Egyptian souvenir.

Flights to Cairo

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