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Flights to Charleston

flights to Charleston South Carolina Beach

Charleston, South Carolina, is among the most beautiful cities in the United States, and its temperate winter weather and smaller crowds make February the ideal time of year to visit.

Founded in 1670, this bustling port city has 17th and 18th-century homes. Hundreds of churches and other architectural and infrastructural wonders date back centuries. For couples in love, Charleston’s picturesque mansions, cobblestone streets, public gardens, and southern hospitality make it the perfect destination for a romantic getaway.

Or if you’re planning a family trip. You can while away the hours at Charleston’s museums, historical landmarks, vacation resorts, and myriad music, art, and food festivals. No matter your reason for visiting Charleston. The city’s historic sites and old-world charm will captivate you.

Whether you’re planning a spontaneous Valentine’s Day trip for two or a family-sized respite from the winter weather, Global Air Charters can customize your travel arrangements and cabin accommodations to ensure an unforgettable journey.

Imagine Charleston’s beauty, authenticity, and rich history. And experience the magic of this unique and memorable destination.

Celebrate Romance in Charleston

Let Cupid’s arrow point the way to a perfect Valentine’s Day in Charleston. Start your romantic adventure with a horse-drawn carriage. Ride through the city’s tree-lined cobblestone streets and marvel at the charming antebellum architecture. Next, stock up at one of Charleston’s family-owned wine and cheese shops. Before relaxing with a cozy picnic at the historic Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, the nation’s oldest public gardens. Eventually, arriving in Charleston just in time to enjoy the sights and scents of the early spring flowers and budding tree blossoms.

Lastly, cap off your day with a sunset ferry ride around Charleston Harbor. And witness the gold-tinged silhouette of the city skyline as the sun sinks below the western horizon. Once your day of exploring Charleston ends. Take a leisurely stroll back to your 18th-century bed-and-breakfast for an idyllic, romantic evening.

Explore America’s History

Few cities in the United States boast the rich historical legacy you will find in Charleston. Venture out on a ferry ride in Charleston Harbor to explore Fort Sumter, where the first shots were fired in the American Civil War. After returning to port, stroll through the Charleston City Market. In operation since the early 1700s, or visit the Charleston Museum. Founded in 1773, the Charleston Museum is the oldest museum in the United States. And is dedicated to preserving America’s colonial and national history.

After eating lunch in a quaint local cafe, take a guided tour of the Nathaniel Russell House. This Georgian-style mansion was built in the early 1800s, and the Aiken-Rhett House offered a glimpse of upper-class life in the 18th century. And, coming this spring, the International African American Museum debuts at Gadsden’s Wharf. What was once the epicenter of the slave trade is now a site that celebrates the rich history and heritage of the African diaspora. This museum explores the lasting influence of African American culture and the legacy of the movements for justice and equality in the United States.

Visiting any (or all) of these sites is like stepping back in time to experience American history through the eyes of the people who lived it.

Get Away From it All on Kiawah Island

For an unforgettable island getaway, hop on a brief ferry ride to Kiawah Island. One of South Carolina’s most beautiful barrier islands, Kiawah, is minutes from the Charleston International Airport. Drink in the stunning ocean views and mild winter weather as you play a few rounds of golf at the world-class Kiawah Island Golf Resort. Take a romantic stroll along one of Kiawah’s pristine private beaches. Enjoy a tennis match on the resort’s clay courts, or cycle the paved trails that wend their way around the old-growth oak trees, rolling hills, and lakes and inlets that dot the island. To conclude, whether you crave activity or just want some relaxing downtime. This exclusive golf resort and the surrounding natural beauty make Kiawah Island a winter oasis that rivals any tropical island getaway.

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