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Flights to Kyoto During the Summer, the Best Time To Visit

Flights to Kyoto

Kyoto Offers a Peaceful Alternative to the Urban Bustle of Tokyo

While Tokyo may be Japan’s economic and political capital, Kyoto remains its cultural epicenter. Contact Global Air Charters today to schedule private jet service to the beautiful city of Kyoto this summer.

Kyoto is home to hundreds of Buddhist temples, colorful and meticulously sculpted flower gardens and landscaping, vibrant cultural and arts districts, and bustling marketplaces. The people of Kyoto are warm and welcoming, keeping centuries of tradition alive in a city that blends ancient Japanese culture with modern society.

Here are just some of the reasons to visit Kyoto this summer:

Explore Japan’s History and Culture

Kinkaku-ji (“Temple of the Golden Pavilion”)

Kinkaku-ji is among the most iconic and oft-visited Zen Buddhist temples in Kyoto. Marvel at the golden splendor of the temple’s extraordinary design, stroll the landscaped gardens, and gaze into the serene waters of the reflection pool.


Perched on Kyoto’s eastern hills, Kiyomizu-dera enthralls visitors with its panoramic city views and the colorful spectacle of cherry blossoms blooming in spring. Kiyomizu-dera’s dominant feature is an ornate wooden deck held high above the ground by a complex jigsaw puzzle of carved wooden beams. Step up to the railing to peer out over the beautiful city below, or explore the temple’s inner rooms to peer back in time at the lifestyle of ancient Buddhist monks.

Fushimi Inari-Taisha

This mesmerizing Shinto shrine draws visitors from around the world each year. Ascend Mount Inari under thousands of traditional, arch-topped torii gates to explore multiple shrines and take in the expansive view of Kyoto below.

Gion District

Gion, Japan’s most famous geisha district, lies at the heart of historic Kyoto. Wander Gion’s flagstone-paved streets, listening for the faint sounds of a shamisen strumming or a geisha’s laughter drifting from behind paper-lantern-lit wooden machiya houses. Experience the visceral sensation of stepping back in time as geishas and maikos shuffle by in exquisite kimonos, their faces the picture of grace and mystery.

Revel in Japan’s Natural Beauty

Philosopher’s Walk

The Philosopher’s Walk, a tranquil pathway lined with hundreds of cherry trees, embodies the Japanese reverence for natural beauty. Stroll along this path in spring, when cherry blossoms paint the landscape in shades of blush, or in summer when the trees are full and flowers bloom in the surrounding gardens.

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

An ethereal pathway winds through soaring bamboo stalks, creating a natural cathedral that whispers in the wind. This surreal, verdant landscape offers a calming respite from urban life. The rustling leaves and dappled sunlight transport visitors into a tranquil, otherworldly realm of beauty and serenity.

Maruyama Park

Nestled in Kyoto’s Higashiyama District, this park is renowned for its spectacular cherry blossom display each spring. Its centerpiece, a grand weeping cherry tree, dazzles under night-time illuminations. This park hums with festive energy in spring and summer, hosting outdoor food stalls, crafts vendors, and live music.

Enjoy Japan’s Culinary Delights

Nishiki Market

Nishiki Market, nicknamed “Kyoto’s Kitchen,” is a bustling foodie haven. Offering everything from fresh seafood to Kyoto-style pickles and matcha sweets, it’s an immersive foray into Japan’s culinary heritage.

Kaiseki Dining

Kaiseki dining in Kyoto is an extraordinary culinary experience. Each dish in this traditional multi-course meal is artfully presented, blending tastes, textures, and appearance into a harmonious symphony of flavors that celebrate Japan’s gastronomic tradition.

Matcha Experience

Kyoto is renowned for premium matcha. Embark on a matcha experience, visiting traditional tea houses, participating in tea ceremonies, and savoring matcha-infused treats that highlight this celebrated green tea.

Explore Kyoto this Summer

From vibrant festivals like the Gion Matsur and Daimonji Bonfire to scenic boat rides on the Hozu River, Kyoto is most charming in the summer. Experience traditional tea ceremonies, savor Japanese summer delicacies, and enjoy tranquil evening strolls beneath illuminated temples. Contact Global Air Charters today to check the availability of flights to Kyoto this summer.

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