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Flights to Manaus

Flights to Manaus

One of South America’s Secluded Gems is Perfect for a Winter Adventure

Deep in the heart of the rainforest, where the Solimões and Negro Rivers meet at the headwaters of the mighty Amazon, lies the beautiful Brazilian city of Manaus. The juxtaposition of this bustling, urbane metropolis against the backdrop of the world’s largest rainforest makes Manaus an ideal destination for a winter escape.

Whether you prefer a night at the opera or a guided canoe trip through the jungle waterways, you’ll find it here. Contact us today to arrange your charter flight into the heart of the Amazon and experience Manaus for yourself this winter.

You may come to Manaus for the chance to explore the surrounding rainforest, but you’ll find so much more once you arrive. Here are just some of the ways to enjoy your winter getaway in this jewel of the Amazon:

Discover the Palácio Rio Negro

Unlock a piece of Manaus’s history with a tour of the Palácio Rio Negro. The palace served as the governor’s residence at the height of the 19th-century rubber industry, and the elegant blend of architectural styles makes this a striking cultural and historical icon. Travel back in time as you wander its rooms and hallways and imagine what it was like to live and work in Manaus in the 1800s when rubber barons ruled like feudal lords.

Dive into the Amazon Rainforest Tours

Don’t just visit Manaus – immerse yourself in the Amazon’s beating heart. Higher river levels in December and January let you venture deeper into the aquatic arteries of the lively rainforest. Whether you opt for a day trip or a multi-day excursion, you’ll marvel at the lush ecosystems and diverse wildlife.

For a more relaxing adventure, take a guided canoe trip on the river. Marvel at the calls of exotic birds, spot playful monkeys, and maybe even glimpse the ever-elusive jaguar, all from the comfort of a motorized canoe.

Attend a Show at the Teatro Amazonas

The Teatro Amazonas is an opulent testament to the region’s rubber boom era. This iconic opera house, adorned with European chandeliers and resplendent with Amazonian motifs, hosts a diverse range of performances. The dizzying variety of shows at the Teatro Amazonas reflects the city’s colorful cultural tapestry, promising a blend of historical allure and artistic brilliance.

Witness the Meeting of the Waters

Experience one of nature’s most striking displays, where the waters of the Solimões and Negro rivers collide at the top of the Amazon River. Differences in the temperature, salinity, and speed of these tributaries ensure that the waters flow side by side for some distance before eventually blending farther downriver. The result of this collision is a breathtaking spectacle that appears nothing short of impossible. Take a guided boat tour for the best vantage point and witness this phenomenon yourself.

Ring in the New Year, Amazonian-Style

If you plan to ring in the New Year below the equator, brace yourself for an unforgettable celebration in Manaus. Fireworks explode in the sky over Manaus, mirrored by the calm waters of the Amazon.

Not surprisingly, the people of Brazil love a good party, and the New Year’s festivities continue well into the next day. Take a New Year’s Eve boat cruise for the best view of the fireworks, and don’t forget to wear your most comfortable dancing shoes!

Flights to Manaus

If the thought of skiing, ice skating, or sledding gives you a chill this winter, escape from the routine with a trip to Brazil. Celebrate the holidays with a trek through the rainforest and leave the chilly weather behind. Contact Global Air Charters today to arrange your charter flight to Manaus!

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